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Yesterday, June 14th, was the 243rd birthday of the American Flag. Old Glory doesn’t get the credit she once did. Patriotism is out, protesting is in. But let’s see if we can remember what America used to hold dear about the flag.

It stands for the United States of America. America was once united. We held largely the same values, built upon Biblical principles. Today, we are torn and divided, often strategically so, as activists and politicians try to solidify bases into voting blocks opposed to each other.

It stands for “one nation under God;” yet we reject God’s Law, Word, and authority. Many state authorities are fine with Americans burning down our communities, but continue to ban church attendance under the cover of fighting the spread of Covid-19. Churches who would apply God’s Word to the tactics of violent protestors are condemned as racists for not showing complete support.

The flag represents those who have fought for our freedom; yet we allow many to trample our freedoms underfoot as though there was no precious price paid for them. We dishonor their sacrifice and have been embracing the ungodly and tyrannical values that they fought against and gave up their lives for.

This flag represents liberty and freedom to the world. Some see it as a place of safety and refuge that the oppressed can flee to by legal means. Ironically, many fleeing tyranny and oppression in their own nations are finding ideas from the same root flourishing here.

Others see it as the last bastion of freedom, meaning it stands in the way of global tyranny, global slavery, and the last obstacle to removing God from the world.

They are wrong about that!

God will still be here even when the United States of America is not. Our hope is not built on our flag or what it stands for, although we are so grateful to God for the blessings that it represents. We pray that it can stand for those things once again!

This flag is a tribute to the God who brought our forefathers here and established them as a city on a hill, letting its light shine and pointing to an Almighty and holy God. Yet we have watched the American dream turn into an American nightmare as we have distanced ourselves from God’s Truth, found in His Word.

Our light has dimmed as we have given in to sin. The light on that hill only flickers now; will it go out? Only by the grace of God’s Spirit blowing upon her - a spirit of repentance and true love for God and His liberty - will that flame be rekindled to an everlasting and guiding light. Let it be our prayer that this be so.

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