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Yesterday’s (6/11/20) Zoom interview with Bill Johnson and Trevor Loudon is an interview that you will want to watch or listen to, even if you were in attendance. It clearly defines who our enemies are within our nation and without. It exposes what is happening in our streets and what needs to be done about it. After this interview, there will be no doubt in your mind as to who is behind what, what their goals are, how they are achieving them, and what needs to be done about it. Seriously, send this email (or at least these links) to many of your friends, family, co-workers, and church attenders. If our nation is to survive, it cannot continue in the chaotic ignorance that seems to envelope the minds of a good portion of our population. Americans need to wake up from their dream-like stupor, recognize the dangers that surround us, and take a stand on truth rather than kneeling to Marxist-based lies.

Let me give you just a few of the many things that you will hear during this interview. Things that either you may not have known or didn’t know to the extent that we need to know. Everything in quotes will be Trevor Loudon’s words during this interview.

In speaking about Antifa and Black Lives Matter (the organization), “This has nothing to do with racism; this is about destroying Trump. Let that be very, very clear—the U.S. economy and Trump.” The other thing that was made very clear is that this isn’t simply about Democrats and Republicans; it’s about freedom and inalienable rights vs. Marxism and tyranny.

We have seen how the Left has been redefining words and even making up new words. That is because words are their weapons. “McCarthyism” was a word coined from The Daily Worker, the communist party newspaper. Watch or listen to the interview as Trevor shares: “I had a friend in New Zealand who was a former Australian communist who left the party, became a conservative.  But he was active in the Australian communist party during the so called McCarthy era. I said, ‘What did you communists think of McCarthy?’ … He said, ‘We were terrified of him. We were horrified with what he was doing. The only thing is he didn’t go far enough.’

Trevor Loudon bluntly calls out the leadership of Minnesota, listing them as communists and Islamists. He spoke of the communist, Maoist principle of setting up a counter-state.You take over areas and this becomes the opposition state to the real state. You build your power and join up with other counter-states until the real state has lost its power and can be overthrown.” He calls upon President Trump to take federal action at this point since the state leaders support the revolutionaries.

This foreign-born patriot knows the law well and discusses how it’s a felony to cross state lines to participate in a riot. He talks both about the importance of acting now and how things would be different if the correct and definite actions were taken several years ago.

Another good point that Trevor made was in regards to the 5G network that is quickly coming upon us. When 5G comes there will be no such thing as groups going underground. Here he gives a sobering wake-up call to the American church. This is a critical section as he soberly addresses the American church.

I urge you to watch or listen to this Zoom event with Trevor Loudon. He is a very knowledgeable researcher who understands the times in which we live. He very capably takes the truths of the past, looks at the broad horizon of today, and gives a clear and sensible warning of the future, if we do not do our part to stop it.

Getting out to vote and to vote rightly is imperative; but we must remember Stalin’s famous line: “It’s not who votes that counts; it’s who counts the votes that counts.” That’s why we must stand strongly against the Left’s push for mail-in voting.

Start calling them what they are. “They aren’t liberal; they are Marxists, they are revolutionaries, they are tyrants! Why do we allow them to lie about us and we refuse to tell the truth about them? How are we expected to win any kind of moral battle if we don’t even label things correctly?

These are only a few of the many things that Trevor Loudon addresses. He is clear and concise; he makes sense. We urge you to watch/listen to this and to get it into the hands of many, many of your friends, family, and fellow church-attenders.

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