Trevor Loudon on Zoom Thursday
Author: Bill Johnson  


Our children and grandchildren?  Our friends and families?  Our church family? Teachers where we send our kids?  Our neighbors?

What do they think about abortion? Do we care?   Of course we do!  And, we want them to understand that all lives matter!   It is seriously important that they understand that life begins at conception – that God hates murder; that children are gifts of God.

What to think about Black Lives Matter?  Or commonly known as BLM?  Of course Black Lives Matter!!! Of course!   Of course prejudice is against our loving and holy God!  And, we are against prejudice, too!

But who are the founders of BLM – Black Lives Matter?  When a person marches with Black Lives Matter do untold numbers of people young and old know what they are marching for or against?  Do you?  Do your children and grandchildren know?

Enter Trevor Loudon - one of the nation’s pre-eminent experts on Black Lives Matter who will spend a full hour with us on Zoom this Thursday at 1:00 PM (EST)

Our Zoom capacity is at 100 so make sure you register early!  Register by emailing or by calling 231-924-4050.  We will then be able to forward you the link and/or phone number to join this event with Trevor Loudon.

Trevor Loudon recently wrote these words for Epoch Times. 

In the past few days, several cities have seen chaotic rioting. Cars and buildings have been torched, looting is rampant and even the Third Police Precinct in Minneapoliswas burned as officers abandoned the building. More is to come.

In closing, dear friend, we need to know the difference between the holy and the profane.   Our desire is to help as many as possible have clear understanding so that we can respond rightly and justly – that God would be glorified. 

Join us online or via telephone this Thursday at 1:00 PM (EST) for a timely and powerful Zoom conference with Trevor Loudon. Email or by calling 231-924-4050 for the link to join.

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