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Stephen Coughlin is no stranger to those who follow us. He is a truth-teller, a Christian patriot, and has paid a great price for his stand and for his resolve to protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic. Bill Johnson will be interviewing Steve this Thursday (6/4/20) at 1 PM (EST) via our regular Zoom conference. We encourage you to join us by emailing or calling 231-924-4050 to request the needed web link or phone number. We urge you to let others know about these important meetings.

While we are happy to bring these very important interviews to you, we are surprised that the number of viewers remains small. Although it’s not ultimately about the numbers, we do urge you to help us get the message out. These are important topics for these very concerning days. Share the message on social media, email a friend, call a family member; with Zoom we have the potential to reach people in other states that would otherwise not be able to join us for a traditional conference. America is at a pivotal point and we pray that you will join us in helping others to become educated, stirred, and desirous of informing others—all to the glory of God!

Steve is a wealth of information, understands the times we live in better than most anyone I know, has a passion to help people understand what’s going on, and loves our country with honesty and integrity. To learn more about him go to his website and read articles he’s written (most recentlyMEMO: Warning on Racism; read his book Catastrophic Failure; and/or watch this video presentation of when American Decency Association hosted him in Grand Rapids.

In light of Antifa’s recent rioting, I urge you to read the aforementioned article. This alone shows how God has brought Stephen Coughlin to us for such a time as this; what timing! Here are a couple of insightful teasers that should whet your appetite to both read “MEMO: Warning on Racism” and to join us this Thursday (6/4) at 1 PM (EST).

“There are indicators that the Left will initiate a strategic information effort leveraging the full range of political warfare activities to delegitimize the United States. The effort will pivot off the upcoming election cycle and include intimidation and violence.”

As appropriated by the left, the ‘racism’ LOE (line of effort)seeks to define all things American as ‘racist’ in furtherance of delegitimizing all things American.It does this, for example, by designating all things American as ‘white’; white nationalism, white supremacy, white privilege, etc. and therefore racist.

The end state is the suppression of all speech that promotes or defends America by designating all things American as racist.

Stephen Coughlin’s article helps us to see why the Left is playing the race card, what their end game is, and gives us further warnings. Again, I urge you to read the article and to join us at 1 PM (EST) this Thursday.

In October of last year, Steve’s website offered this piece of advice in saving America:Defending the West begins here: Recognizing that ‘organized destruction’ is a mass-line attack to destroy America through political warfare lines of effort structured to that end. ‘Organized Destruction’ is simply what Neo-Marxists commit to when pledging to ‘Aufheben der Kultur’ (‘Destroy the Culture’).

It’s obvious that Mr. Coughlin is a patriot and can speak into cultural Marxism just as knowledgeably and effectively as he can into Islamic jihad. He would be the first to tell us that they are not mutually exclusive. 

Let me quickly point you to a couple clips from the video I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

At the Grand Rapids conference Stephen Coughlin talked about the Trimaran Theory of Narratives; in this clip he explains why we must watch what our elected officials do, not just listen to what they say. He urges us to draw a hard line on what they’ve done! (This can be viewed from 5:20-12:30). He jovially reminds us that “When you’ve been fooled once you’re a victim; when you’re fooled twice you’re a fool.”

In this same clip, this truth-telling patriot warns about Cultural Marxism vs. the Constitution. He strikes home when he asks, “Are we conservative or just relatively conservative to the rest of the people on the trimaran?”

If one watches the video in its entirety, one will hear about the dangers our children face educationally, how terms are changed, how we are easily misled by them, how the rest of the world views America regarding warfare, and much, much more.

At one point Steve lays out a timeline showing the steps that our enemies have planned and educates his audience on how the enemy has stayed right on target every step of the way. With what has been taking place in recent months, one cannot help but wonder if the enemies of America are still on target or if they’ve been able to move up the timeline in a quicker manner than at first planned.Don’t miss out on this cutting edge interview this Thursday (6/4) at 1 PM (EST)—INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

Finally, I would encourage you to view the video from 49:45 – 59:00. Here Steve addresses how political warfare is about the counter-state and competitive analysis. He speaks about the violent arm being the splinter arm. Here he also speaks directly about Antifa. The whole video is excellent; but if time is a factor, don’t miss out on these 10 minutes.

This man recognizes that what is happening is spiritual warfare and he’s not afraid to boldly and bluntly say so!

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