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Author: Steve Huston  


Yesterday (5/28/20), we had the distinct privilege to watch Bill Johnson interview Christian bioethicist Mark Blocher. What exciting days we live in!

One might think that a highly educated bioethicist would talk on a level that is hard to understand; not so, Mark spoke clearly and decisively, as he shared his professional thoughts about Christian Healthcare Centers (CHC), COVID-19, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, wearing masks, and a number of other things. Click here to view this interview.

Mr. Blocher compared belonging to CHC like having a gym membership; you pay your monthly fee and choose from the services offered. One would be amazed at all they do have to offer at no additional charge to their patients. To learn what they offer, how it is distinctively Christian, and to hear about their expanding practice click here.

One might fear that a bioethicist would be very impersonal—sticking solely to the science of various topics and difficult to understand. This man of God spoke with compassion and even discussed areas from his own personal life and the issues that are facing our society today.

If you weren’t able to make it yesterday or you just want a refresher of this special conversation, we encourage you to click on this link to view this helpful interview; then, please pass it on to others. Some of our staff has said that this is our best interview to date.

In these uncertain days, it’s a relief to have faith in God and it’s a comfort to know that your healthcare provider is a trusted and kindred spirit. Please check out Christian Healthcare Centers and let others know about them as well. I can think of no better way to introduce who they are than to watch and share this interview of Bill Johnson and Mark Blocher.

We invite you to join us next Thursday (6/4/20) at 1 PM (EST) as Bill Johnson interviews Stephen Coughlin. More information to follow—keep an eye on your inbox!

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