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Don’t miss out on American Decency’s next Zoom meeting where Bill Johnson will interview Mark Blocher this Thursday (5/28/20) at 1:00 PM (EST). Call 231-924-4050 or email kimberly@americandecency.orgto receive your special Zoom link (or call in number).

These Thursday meetings have been right on target, addressing the important issues that these perilous times keep bringing to our doorstep. Weekly, we have brought Christian truth-tellers to this venue in order to educate you, helping you to both understand the times and to know what to do about them. We believe these times together are vital; we urge you to invite others to join us for these Zooms. We encourage you to share the information you hear here; and we ask that you will pray for our speakers, our staff, our nation, and these issues at hand; pray that God will rule and overrule. Learn and live to the glory of God!

Who is Mark Blocher and why is this meeting so important?

Mark is currently the CEO of Christian Healthcare Centers, offering compassionate, Christian healthcare at affordable prices. It’s not insurance; but it’s what insurance should be. He will share about this amazing adventure and their plans to expand from Grand Rapids to Newaygo, bringing affordable, Christian, compassionate healthcare your way. BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE!

With the talk of vaccinations (both forced and of a new nature); with Constitutional freedoms and Biblical mandates at stake; with globalist technocrats, communists/socialists, and patriots all claiming to know what is best; a Christian bioethicist is just the voice we need for such a time as this! So we are bringing you such a voice at this critical juncture of our nation and world. Mark Blocher has been a nationally known bioethicist for over 25 years and is the author of two books and numerous articles providing a biblical perspective on issues in medical ethics. Come listen to what he and Bill will talk about this Thursday (5/28) at our 1 PM (EST) Zoom conference.

Call 231-924-4050 or email kimberly@americandecency.orgto receive your special Zoom link (or call in number). Invite your friends or family; join us and hear Bill and Mark discuss these things and more:

How has the Coronavirus pandemic affected CHC?

Do you feel that the COVID response, by way of the CDC, has been appropriate or has it gone overboard?

In your opinion, have globalists hijacked this flu-virus, inducing fear and panic into the populace in order to bring people into compliance with a larger agenda?

Working in the medical profession, as you do, there seems to be a core of those within the medical ranks who are particularly supportive of masking and social distancing across the board. Is that fair to say? What about the numerous studies that have come out saying these guidelines do more harm than provide protection?

We will be asking Mr. Blocher, as a Christian bioethicist, to comment on several things that will be of considerable interest to our viewers/listeners.For example: Dr. Fauci and his seeming desire for national/global vaccination and ID plans; Dr. Fauci’s seeming push toward technocracy—governance by technicians; hospitals willing to compromise patient health for profit-making and their complicity in raising COVID statistics to further this (seeming) globalist agenda (even if unwittingly); the dangers that such a global ID plan could mean for Christians or others; how can the doublespeak of Bill Gates’ plan for global vaccination and global population control be reconciled?

Knowing that Christian Health Center is desirous of being distinctively Christian yet often times having to work alongside traditional Medical Care how does or how can the CHC go against such a massive bureaucracy and globalist agenda?

What advantages does the Christian Healthcare Center offer to any audience; particularly a Christian seeking Christian Healthcare?

Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a time of great information, ideas that will move you to think and maybe rethink some positions.  Learn what healthcare may look like for you in the very near future and why places like Christian Heathcare Centers will be vital. It’s important to make connections with kindred spirits while there is time. Contact us at 231-924-4050 or email for your special Zoom link or phone number. Let your friends and family know too!

If you missed last week’s Zoom with Patrick Wood, you will want to click here and listen to this amazing interview. Educate yourself and inform others!

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