Patrick Wood: The Terrible Threat of Technocracy
Author: Steve Huston  


Anyone who is unfamiliar with the term “technocracy” should quickly become informed, because America is heading, and some would rightly say is already, there. This is one of the best reasons why you should join Bill Johnson this Thursday (5/21/20) at 1:00 PM (EST) as he interviews Patrick Wood on Zoom. (Sign up info below) Although hardly heard of, technocracy has been around since (at least) the 1930s and goes much deeper and wider than most people realize.

This Thursday’s speaker has warned, “I believe technocracy represents the greatest threat to humanity that we have faced since the cruel feudalism of the dark ages. …[It has] permeated every level of every society in every nation on planet earth.” Patrick Wood has a passion to warn and an intellect to educate about this road to a “scientific” dictatorship.

In 1938, technocracy was described in The Technocrat, as being, “the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute good and services to the entire population

Today, “technocracy” is defined as “A government or social system controlled by technicians, especially scientists and technical experts.Technocracy may have been lurking in the shadows, hardly noticed; but with the rise of the CCP virus (Covid-19), technocracy has raised its ugly head as Drs. Fauci and Birx conned America into shutting down its entire economic system. Never mindthat meteorologists have a better chance of predicting the weather than these two have predicted (exaggerated) the course of this virus. Forget the factthat they reject proven and inexpensive medication and are tied to WHO, CDC, and the Gates’ who plan to vaccinate 7 billion healthy people, introducing new types of vaccines that will use experimental technology and permanently alter one’s DNA. Who caresthat they are not economists or that their solutions are more deadly and will bring vaster destruction upon our nation than the virus itself? Apparently it doesn’t matter that their solutions trample our Constitution, our freedoms, and ultimately our national sovereignty. They are “scientists” and/or are tied to “technical experts;” more importantly, they fit an agenda that the Left hopes will bring America to its knees and into the globalist ranks.

As our guest, Patrick Wood, told Janet Mefferd in a recent interview, “When people are saturated with fear, as we have right now all around the world—different people have different levels of fear burning in their soul—when people are saturated with fear they lose all rationality. They will take basically any external suggestion of behavior, activity, or whatever, that somebody else they consider in leadership or some type of leadership position would suggest.” (Click on the above link to listen to the full interview—first 24 min.) He ended that broadcast talking about the U.N.’s dissatisfaction at how slow the climate change horse has carried their agenda of sustainable development. Now, with this pandemic, all the policies that were waiting for 10 years to be implemented are falling like dominos into place. “People like Bill Gates and other promised technocrats are coming out of the woodwork now to claim their place in the sun.

Patrick is also the author of several books, one of them being Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order. “Technocracy is like a cancer invading America with relentless pursuit. Things like Smart Cities, mass surveillance, regionalization, public-private partnerships and Fintech are disrupting every community in all 50 states. For us, it’s a hard road and this book will tell you why and what you can still do about it.” To read more of this book’s description click on the above link. Several of his very informative articles can be found at

To wisely stay informed; to understand where these times are headed; to learn the nature of effective resistance and the tools that can help to achieve success; do NOT miss this opportunity available to you on Thursday (5/21) at 1 PM (EST) as Bill Johnson interviews Patrick Wood, a man with keen insight. Call 231-924-4050 or email to receive your Zoom link or phone number. This is sure to be an exciting time.

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