The Awful Truth
Author: Steve Huston  


We MUST know our enemy if we would have any hope of defeating the enemy. In recent decades, Americans have had much difficulty in both understanding who our enemies are and what their goals are. We’ve been infiltrated—our government, our schools, our universities, our churches, our communities—have been invaded by the enemy. As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us!" We are not experiencing social distancing—it’s social conditioning that’s being forced upon us! We, the American people (and most the world), have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to fear, conditioned to believe in a non-existent crisis, and conditioned to believe that the government has our best interest at heart. What we failed to realize is that our best weapon against all these things is our freedom—and we handed that over without a fight!

Had we recognized that there are those in high positions, at the state and national levels, that are enemies of freedom and enemies of our country, maybe we would have had the courage that former President Ronald Reagan spoke of. “You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, there is a price we will not pay, there is a point beyond which they must not advance. But we didn’t.

We didn’t have the courage to confront draconian governors or national authorities, saying, “You are not acting constitutionally; this is outside your enumerated powers. We are people with freedoms given to us by God, freedoms that you took an oath to protect. The law limits you, not me!” We were short-sighted and are paying a price now that we would not be paying had we held our freedoms dear and if we respected the law of our land.

We have become so used to unconstitutionality that we neglected to say, “There is a point beyond which they must not advance.” Instead, homeowners allowed them to unconstitutionally tell us who can and cannot be in our house. If they can get away with that, next they will unlawfully force themselves or others into our homes against our will. Individuals allowed them to unconstitutionally tell us what we must wear if we want to shop or do business (even when it’s now proven harmful), the distance we must stand from one another, and if we are essential or not. Business owners complied with unconstitutional orders to close their businesses and those that stayed open agreed to follow guidelines unconstitutionally forced upon them. Private schools and universities succumbed to the unconstitutional pressure to send their students home. Churches felt unconstitutionally pressured to close their doors and are only now beginning to open them timidly and beggarly, almost like Dickens’ Oliver Twist—hands out saying, “More please.”

Some will be angered by these words; but we must remember that with great freedom comes great responsibility. We must take responsibility for what we have allowed (even for a short while).  When told that our freedoms were no longer ours and that an overreaching government would decide which freedoms would be doled out to us and in what measure, we should have said, “NO! Not for a minute!” The thing about power is, that like Chinese food, it leaves the eater hungry for more soon after. We thought we were being reasonable; we were being foolish. Those whose motives were to sacrifice freedom for safety should be reminded that our founders believed in self-government first and foremost. If you choose to limit your actions, that’s your right—your freedom; but neither you nor the government can lawfully limit someone else’s freedom of movement, assembly, speech, government redress, the Second Amendment, or anything that is outside the enumerated powers specifically given to our governing bodies. Asking everyone to walk in lock-step with unconstitutional executive orders because of your fear lacks the compassion for others that you claim freedom lovers lack for you. The fact is we’ve been fooled; but like Mark Twain wisely noticed, “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” The only way out of this is to admit our error and move wisely forward, constitutionally every step of the way.

It’s easier and more comfortable to blame someone else; but that’s not helpful. There are many people we could blame; but if we want to emerge victorious, we must not fall into victim mentality. We may want to blame the Chinese for our imminent economic troubles; but if the truth be told, we destroyed our own economy. Nationally speaking, freedom is our weapon against all global attacks.  Had the federal, state, and local governments followed the Constitution rather than trading on fear; and had "We, the People" stood for our rights en masse, our economy would still be strong, our freedoms would be intact, and (perhaps) we would have set pace for the rest of the world to follow. We needed to follow God's Word and our Constitution. Our hope is in the Lord; but we have a responsibility to live correctly too. Lord, help us!

This is bigger than us, our families, our community, and even our nation. It’s bigger than this pandemic; it affects the world at large. We must open our eyes to the agenda that has boldly unfolded before us and listen to Trevor Loudon’s word of warning: “This is a point I think Americans need to comprehend. If America goes down economically, it will go down militarily. If America goes down militarily, we ALL go down. The free world is finished; and it will be finished for a very, very long time.

Some will accuse me of not being compassionate. I can’t think of anything more compassionate than speaking the truth and urging my fellowman to follow that truth. In a nutshell, this is the fact: When we succumb to and follow unconstitutional edicts or laws presented by authorities behaving in a lawless manner, we too have become lawless.  We are NOT following the law of the land nor are we following Scripture at that point. We must take responsibility for our actions, repent of those actions which are unbiblical, and pray for boldness to live correctly. Let us live in our God-given freedoms and constitutionally make the changes necessary to put America back on track. Be fooled no more; be discerning.

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