The Governmental Grab
Author: Steve Huston  


As we witness civil government acting in very uncivil ways; and as those elected into authority declare themselves immune to the enumerated powers that are meant to restrict them by our Constitution; it becomes obvious that our nation is in trouble and beginning to look like other nations around the globe whose citizens have not been guaranteed the personal freedoms (inalienable rights) that are granted by God to all men.

Noah Webster stated that “all the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery, and war, proceed from their despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible.” This is why our founding fathers gave to us the form of government we have enjoyed for over 230 years. As we have moved away from these founding principles we have moved step by step to the “miseries and evils which men suffer from” that Noah Webster warned about.

Members of our staff have written on a few of the many unconstitutional (and/or unwise) actions those in authority have taken recently. As you read about them, pray for those in authority (1 Tim. 2:1-4), pray for your fellow man, think about how things are unfolding, look to the destination of the road we are on, and keep your mind stayed on God for His promised perfect peace.

Cuomo’s Clean Sweep

Along with others, we’ve recently heard Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York say, “It’s all worth it if it saves even one life,” as he finds new power to flex in fighting Covid-19. Yet now, on May 6, the New York City subway service announced that it was shut down for cleaning for the first time in one hundred and fifteen years!

Surely, cleaning the subway cars more often than once every hundred and fifteen years would have saved more than a handful of lives before now! If Governor Cuomo is willing to ban an entire society from earning their living to save just one life, why is this the first time the trains have been cleaned so thoroughly?

The Covid response is about more than safety, it’s a power play. How much will the American people let their government get away with in the name of safety?

Laodicea’s Lazyboy

As American Christians have gotten a little taste of having our religious liberty restricted in recent weeks, our brothers and sisters in other countries are facing real persecution.  While the world is distracted by the coronavirus, China has been ramping up its persecution of Christians – raiding churches, arresting pastors and worshippers, and tearing down crosses.  In Nigeria, jihadists have been ruthlessly killing their way through village after village, massacring believers.

In spite of – or perhaps because of – such persecution, the gospel is spreading in countries where being a Christian could mean a death sentence - while American Christians worship from our easy chairs and allow the doors of our churches to be closed.  Pray for the persecuted church – and pray that the American church will learn from the example of our fellow believers who are willing to risk their very lives to join together to worship Christ.

Made IN America

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of getting Americans back to work for the sake of our economy. That is needed; but let’s do more than restart our economy. Let’s REALLY get America back to work by manufacturing our own goods again, and doing it at home in America. It’s unwise to depend upon China for so much; and, to be a consumer nation, rather than a producer nation, spells certain death.

Japan is paying the equivalent of $2 billion US dollars for its manufacturers to leave China and come back to Japan. They are also helping companies that want to move their production from China to countries other than Japan.

China has its hand in our medicines, food, and just about everything else. It’s time to slap the hand that feeds us and start feeding ourselves once again.

The above items were written as Decency Minutes for our radio program. Feel free to click here, copy the links to these decency minutes read by Bill Johnson, and paste them to your social media accounts or email them to others.Many are finally waking up to the destructive agenda that is unfolding before us; many others still need to be awakened. Have civil conversations with others about the many happenings around us, pray that eyes will be opened and lawfulness will be restored, and keep pointing to Jesus—He is our ONLY hope.

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