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Author: Steve Huston  


Why would anyone continue to support a media outlet which consistently is attacking children from conception to adulthood?Yet those who continue subscribing to Netflix are doing just that. Netflix's constant barrage of destructive programming should be brought to a halt and those of us who love and desire to see children protected should not be supporting them in any way, shape, or form. I urge you to make the break from Netflix now!

Let’s look at only a few of the ways in which Netflix is normalizing immorality, sexual exploitation, and making fun of those who stand for life and righteousness. As we do so, recognize the fact that as this vile, toxic waste which passes for entertainment falls into the pool of our society, it changes the moral temperature of all age groups. That which passes for acceptable today is not only embraced tomorrow, but evolving boundaries are pushed further and further. In other words, the pool which is our world becomes a cesspool. Our children and young adults are being taught that good is evil and evil is good through media propaganda.

On Sunday, so-called comedian Michelle Wolf led a "salute to abortions" on her Netflix show called The Break with Michelle Wolf. As if the destruction of millions of children were something to joke about, she made fun of pro-life people, Donald Trump and the upcoming SCOTUS nomination, and ended this routine by leading the crowd in pro-abortion cheers which ended with a rousing, “God bless abortions and God bless America!”

How can we expect God to bless America again while blasphemously asking Him to bless that which He stands in opposition to?  Children are a blessing, not an inconvenience to be stopped. Abortion is a crime against humanity, not a DeLorean from Back to the Future in order to “stop a baby from happening.” Ben Shapiro put it succinctly and bluntly,“For Michelle Wolf, abortion isn't just another decision. It's a giant middle finger to the moral establishment.” Much more could be said about this show; but suffice it to say, The Break with Michelle Wolf ought to be enough to make the break with Netflix.

Wait, Netflix only goes downhill from there. There are programs which attack the innocence of children and their safety, as pedophilia and pornography are encouraged.

PJ Media warns about a Netflix show called “Big Mouth”: “It's an animated cartoon for teens going through puberty. It is little more than a pedophile's grooming fantasy, featuring young boys and girls masturbating, talking to their genitalia (that talk back), and having disgusting conversations with their parents about kissing penises. (In one scene a boy's father tells him it's okay to kiss another man's penis.)” It would be better for parents to have real conversations about the real problems of adolescence with their children and teens than submitting them to such sexual and inappropriate programming.

PJ Media also reported Netflix to the FBI and the Department of Justice for child pornography regarding the movie Desire, stating that it was in violation of Section 2256 of Title 18 of the United States Code, child pornography is “any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (someone under 18 years of age).

One of the young girls in the opening scene of this movie was “depicted as having an orgasm (quite a long, drawn-out one with slow motion and sexualized panting like a porn actor).” Kaplan, the film’s director, defended this scene stating thatthe child actor was never exploited on set and the scene was filmed “under the surveillance” of her mother. But PJ Media’s response was“the mere depiction of this appears to violate the law. Whether Kaplan's intent was to break the law or not, he is still subject to it. Further, Netflix is responsible for what they stream online. They should have lawyers who tell them not to engage in anything that could even look like child porn.”

Another troubling program is called Super Drags. “Citizen Go” has created a petition against this Netflix program which is a cartoon with super heroes that dress in drag (dressing as the opposite sex). Citizen Go states: “The series is driven by a ‘politically correct’ transvestite agenda and it is chock-full of sexual innuendos that are completely inappropriate for young audiences.

With all these programs (and others) targeting our adolescents and teens in a negative way, we urge you to make The Break with Netflix. Many are probably unaware of what they are supporting as they watch some of their favorite “safer” shows. What is our entertainment worth when weighed against the destructiveness brought to our youth by this media outlet?

Finally, I’d like to bring one more show to your attention. It’s called 13 Reasons Why. We have recently written on this dangerous show, so let me be brief. If you’re not familiar with 13 Reasons Why, it is a show that “is clearly produced for young viewers despite being rated for mature audiences.” (Parent Television Council) It’s a show which glorifies suicide while normalizing a plethora of dangerous actions which would be better weeded out of our schools rather than being encouraged through media manipulation. Some of these actions would include cutting, homosexual relationships, rapes with no real consequences for the rapist, extreme violence, revenge, and bullying. (Warning, this next sentence is graphic and you might want to skip it.) As part of the season two finale, there was an extremely graphic, very violent scene in which one young man, who had learned how to handle things appropriately, was rewarded for his efforts by being brutally sodomized by another male student with a mop handle.

In our previous article we urged people to either sign the AFA (American Family Association) petition for Netflix to pull this show off the air or to call Netflix directly to share their concerns. We again urge you to do so: Click here to sign the AFA petition or call Netflix at 866-579-7172.

Our children, teens, and young adults are being dragged into danger and down into sin at an alarming rate. The media grooms them for sin and puts them at risk as they become acclimated to the “new normal,” which is nothing short of perversion.

Send a message to those who are shoving America to its demise, drawing our young people to the edge of a cliff where they are encouraged to jump. Make the break with Netflix today. Pray for those who are being inundated by constant sexual messages from various media outlets. Have conversations with our young people, letting them know that they are made in the image of God and are worth more than the entertainment industry is telling them. Read the Bible with them, pointing out God’s answers to this world’s problems and theirs.


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