May God Give Us Praying Hearts
Author: Bill Johnson  

God be praised for His grace and mercy from our founding and for years of His amazing grace and blessing - the peace and prosperity which elevated the United States to super power status economically and militarily. 

God raised this nation and empowered it in prosperity and strength - through the blessing of our Christian founding and tradition - that His word would go forth from this place through the vast spiritual resources with which He has blessed us. 

One of America’s most influential Christian thinkers was Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer.  His final work, published the year of his death in 1984, is entitled The Great Evangelical Disaster.  In this book, Schaeffer describes the insidious assault upon Christianity in America in the form of theological liberalism.  The inerrancy and infallibility of the word of God has been and still is demeaned, degraded, and maligned. 

Schaeffer continues through his book detailing the impact that evangelical compromise continues to have upon Christianity in America.

Schaeffer’s book lovingly warned what surely would come if America substituted the truth for a lie:  with abortion having become legalized by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade (1973), in the further diminishment of the sacredness of human life he foresaw the expansion of advancing secularism, tyranny, the loss of freedom of speech and religion in the public schools, euthanasia, homosexuality, gender confusion, godlessness.  His far-sighted warnings have come to fruition.

Yet 30 years ago, who would have believed where our nation would be today?  For most of us it’s inconceivable that we have lost so much moral/spiritual ground in such a short period of time - that we now stand to lose Western Civilization as we know it. 

And many Christians still don’t realize how much is at stake regarding what happens with the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage in America.  As this email is being sent, the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments today to determine whether or not homosexual “marriage” becomes the law of the land. 

When I heard about the March for Marriage in Washington, D.C. held this past Saturday, April 25, I knew that I needed to be there.   My wife Jan and I traveled to DC and were joined by our daughter and son-in-law and their three children to take part in the national March for Marriage along with thousands of others.   And yet, it should have been hundreds of thousands.

Of course it’s not possible for many to travel to our nation’s capitol; however consider the average daily attendance at Disney World is 46,500.  Disney draws more than does a march to defend God’s design for marriage.  The evangelical compromise which Schaeffer wrote about in 1984 has led to the apathyof many within the American Church today.

While I lament the weak turnout, I was encouraged to see so many minorities taking part in the March for Marriage – a great proportion of participants were Hispanic-Americans and Black-Americans.

On Monday, April 27 while still in DC, I took part in a press conference on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court Building, organized by Janet Porter, president of Faith2Action (one of our summer conference speakers).  I was asked to speak, along with other pro-family and Christian leaders.  As I stood on the steps of the building where this momentous decision will take place, I stated that there is a Law that supersedes man’s law. 

The One who blessed this nation since its founding is sovereign over the affairs of men.  It is yet to be seen whether God will allow the consequences of sin to prevail in our nation or - in His mercy - choose to bless us once again.

In the days and weeks to come, the Supreme Court will be reviewing the arguments and petitions made before them today before issuing a final decision.  May God grant us His grace and mercy once again!  His will be done.

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