Our Thursday event on the “Great” Reset

By: American Decency Staff

In just two days, Thursday (February 22), we are pleased to have the opportunity to share with you an afternoon (1:00 PM -4:30 PM) at American Decency headquarters (203 E. Main St. Fremont, MI) that will open many eyes to a number of the ploys of the evil one being used against us as God’s children.

Jay Jusino comes to us from out of Alabama but he is a long-time product of West Michigan having lived in the Morley-Stanwood area and having taught in Newaygo years ago.  He has taught in public and Christian schools near and far.  He is also presently a homeschooling parent.

Jay is a lover of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Jay comes as a man of God burdened with a message of warning and yet of hope because God is a God of hope!

You have heard of the Great Reset” that has been planned and organized by the so-called “elite” globalists who are seeking to make life better for the world population as it seeks to reduce it and “protect” our environment, our air, and to reduce our gas usage because of those nasty fossil fuels that pollute our air. Of course, I’m being sarcastic.

Come if you can.  Jay comes with a love for God, the church, the Bible, our beleaguered nation.  He comes asking nothing but the privilege of being able to report, warn and encourage “we the people.” We will, though, be asking you to help us give a love offering for all his preparation, travel expenses and his ministry going forward.

Many people look at the “Great Reset” as an invention of modern men, but Jay takes his audience way back into history, connecting the dots and revealing the nefarious scheme which has made its way through time into our present day.

Those who join us this Thursday will better understand several of the things which currently leave us scratching our heads. Some of the “mysteries” to be solved are:

How is it that today, well educated people can claim, with a straight face, that men can have babies? Why are concerned parents labeled “terrorists” in a school board meeting simply for opposing obscene, pornographic, and homosexual material in their school library? How can our leaders think migrants crossing our border at a rate surpassing the population of entire states is a good thing?  What is “woke ideology,” who’s behind it, and why?

Don’t miss out on this unique presentation which exposes secular and contemporary history in light of the Bible, explaining how believers should then live and respond. Don’t let your friends, family, or pastor miss out on this event either. Invite several people and join us Thursday, February 22, from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm (with a built in 20-minute break) at American Decency Association (203 E Main Street, Fremont) to get a better understanding of the “Great Reset,” what these globalists are trying to accomplish, and why it’s vital that we recognize the immense danger facing us if they continue to have their way.

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