3 in 3 for 1-26-24

By: Kimberly Cargill

Today’s Decency Minute scripts, if we’re not careful, could cause us anxiety or fear that we will lose some temporal things we hold dear and precious. Liberty, privacy, freedom to worship our God, finances, family and friendships, health, property, or even our country are only a few of things which can plague our minds over potential loss. With the vast and quickening changes taking place, some believe, without the intervening hand of our God, that our nation will either be overtaken by foreign power or soon resemble a third-world country, rather than this “land of the free, home of the brave,” blessed-by-God country that we’ve grown up in.

Yet, if we are Christians, let us not forget that our portion is that which no man can take away. Our blessing, our treasure is the Christ, the Messiah, Who will one day return and make all things right. Let us never lose sight or hold of that. Hebrews chapter eleven is a great chapter that helps to put these things in their proper perspective. As you read these Decency Minute scripts or listen to them as Bill Johnson narrates them (simply click on their titles), we encourage you to do so through the eyes of Thomas Brooks:

Ahab’s fingers itched to be pilfering Naboth’s vineyard (I Kings 21:1-6). A man no sooner enjoys an earthly portion, but another man itches to be fingering his portion. But God is a portion that fire cannot burn, floods cannot drown, thieves cannot steal, enemies cannot confiscate, and soldiers cannot plunder. A man may take away my gold, but he cannot burn, but he cannot take away my God. God is so chained to his people by his everlasting love, covenant, the blood of his Son, and by his oath, that no created power shall ever be able to separate him from his people.

Amen! Be encouraged, passing such encouragement on to others. Inform them of the dangers which are upon us, act in righteousness and truth to bring about change, but also “sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear (1 Peter 3:15).” Let us hold on to all temporal things lightly, while clinging unto Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. (A Hymn to encourage: O God Our Help In Ages Past)

Tyranny Tracks Your Shopping Habits

A recent poll revealed that 60% of elites think that there is too much freedom in America.  Meanwhile, the exact opposite is true of everyday Americans where nearly 60% think the government has too much control.

These elites – who run our universities, the media, and are entrenched in every agency of government – want to undermine your freedom.

Congressman Jim Jordan’s committee recently discovered that the Biden administration has once again done just that – this time by directing banks to search Americans’ private transactions, flagging terms such as “Trump” or “MAGA,” and purchases of religious materials, like Bibles.  They also tracked those who shopped at places such as Bass Pro Shop or exercised their 2nd Amendment rights by purchasing guns or ammunition.

As Biden continues to target conservatives, what would we see with another four years in office?  Pray for God’s mercy on our nation.


Giving Up Our Sovereignty to the UN

Arizona’s Representative Andy Biggs has long said that the United States needs to leave the United Nations. By belonging, “You give up your sovereignty to the United Nations, and the UN is not a friend to the U.S., it has undermined us repeatedly.

Similarly, in an effort to restore American sovereignty and depart from the United Nations, Texas Representative Chip Roy and Utah’s Senator Mike Lee have introduced the DEFUND Act. Senator Lee declared, “American’s hard-earned dollars have been funneled into initiatives that fly in the face of our values – enabling tyrants, betraying allies, and spreading bigotry.

America must DEFUND and depart the United Nations.

Call or email your representatives, urging them to support H.R. 6645, the DEFUND Act. Call the capital switchboard at 1-202-224-3121. America’s national sovereignty is at stake and it’s imperative that Congress uses their Constitutional powers.

We posted an article on this vital issue earlier this week. To read more on this important matter click here.


Pray for Texas

Millions of illegal immigrants from around the world are flooding America’s border. Most just present themselves to federal agents. They know that once they’re on US soil all they have to do is request asylum. Then, they’re given a court date, years in the future, and sent into the interior of the country. All of this is in accordance with federal law.

Texas has had enough of this. They’ve installed barricades, razor wire, and increased patrols to dissuade illegal crossings. They’ve even made it possible for immigrants to be deported by the state’s law enforcement.

President Biden’s response has been to sue Texas, trying to force them to stop impeding the flow of illegal immigrants. The Supreme Court recently ruled that Texas must allow Biden’s immigration agents to remove their effective razor wire.

Pray for Texas, that they’d have courage to stand against President Biden’s policy of assisting and protecting illegal immigration.

To read an updated article regarding this troublesome issue click here.

Thomas Brooks continues to encourage us:

Our God is a safe portion, a secure portion. He is a portion that no one can rob you of… He is a portion that no one can cheat or spoil you of. God is such a portion, that no friend, no foe, and no devil can ever rob you of. O Christians, God is so yours in Christ, and so yours by covenant, and so yours by promise, and so yours by purchase, and so yours by conquest, and so yours by marriage union and communion, and so yours by the earnest of the Spirit, and so yours by the feelings and witnesses of the Spirit, that no power on earth can ever pilfer your portion, or cheat, or rob you of your portion. He is not only our God for the present, O no! He will be our God forever and ever.

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