Vital Video and Three in Three 4-28-23

By: Steve Huston


Many parents, school board members and administrators are being deceived into thinking that they have no rights or ability to take action when it comes to transgender policies and their children. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I urge you to watch this informative interview between American Decency’s president and founder Bill Johnson and Dave Kallman of the Kallman Legal Group, Lansing, Michigan on this explosive topic. Mr. Kallman is no mere talking head; he’s a Christian attorney who has been in the battle for righteousness and our Constitution for many years. Be sure to pass this interview on to other concerned parents, school board members, and school administrators; they need to know the truth. Either forward this email or paste this link in an email of your own, on a social media platform, or ask your pastor to put it in your church bulletin.

Please help us spread the truth!

This week’s 3 in 3 address the transgender issues as well: nationally, locally, and the NEED to turn to God in prayer for His help in these and other matters. Take the time to read the scripts, listen by clicking on the titles, and/or check out other articles written on these things. Thanks for reading and for your support through prayer, finances, and letters of encouragement.


Transphobia or Truth?

The state of Arkansas joins Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Alabama in banning biological males from girls’ bathrooms, with similar bills hoping to be signed by the governors of Iowa and Idaho.

Those who oppose biological truth consider it to be hateful and an expression of “transphobia,” while those who support the protection of children—quoting New American magazine—“recognize that the desire by a minute segment of the population to protect their psychological abnormalities cannot be allowed to take precedence over ‘genetics and physiology.’”

Due to the Left’s push for normalization of what less than a decade ago would be considered mental illness, through indoctrination of public education, drag queen story hours, and entertainment, transgender ideology is becoming common-place, replacing the common-sense truth that we are created as either boys or girls.

Even in my little town of Fremont, Michigan the schools are facing such embattlement.

Lord, help us!

American Decency has written a couple articles on this topic earlier this week here and here.


Transgender Generation

Well, it finally happened. The issue that we’ve all grown painfully aware of in the last few years finally came to my own rural, small-town public school.

What is the policy when a so-called transgender student wants to use the wrong bathroom?

When it comes up in your own community it’s still so hard to wrap your head around it.

How can the adult professionals who are supposed to care for our kids support policies which allow putting them at such risk? Are we really asking whether our kids’ safety and innocence is worth as much as federal funding? If schools can’t handle teaching an issue as simple and fundamental as this, how can they be trusted to teach anything?

I pray that American adults will wake up and put an end to this nonsense, before the next generation’s lives are destroyed any further.


National Day of Prayer (NDOP)

As we witness the political division and the moral disintegration of our nation, many feel helpless, knowing there is little we can do to affect the outcome and so we say “all we can do is pray.”

Yet, instead of being the last resort, prayer is the most important thing we can do!

Abortion; the redefinition of marriage and gender; lawlessness and corruption; the profaning of God’s name.  As a nation we have committed these atrocities and so much more.  Are we daily crying out in repentance, seeking God’s mercy for a wicked nation and an apathetic church?  Will God allow the consequences of sin to prevail in our nation – or, in His mercy, choose to bless us once again?

Next week, Thursday, May 4, is the National Day of Prayer.  Yet, may we, His people, make every day a national day of prayer.

If you live near Fremont, Michigan, American Decency is hosting a NDOP at noon (203 E. Main St.). Please join us or plan to attend a NDOP meeting near you.

To wrap up this week:

If you’re not already, I encourage you to become a people of prayer. Humble yourself before the Lord: Praising Him, thanking Him, and petitioning Him. The Book of Psalms is a good primer on prayer. Here we watch David unabashedly lift up the glory of God and God’s Word. We hear David’s hurt and desperation, then seemingly something switches within him as he turns his mind to the awesome power and wonder of God. From there David seems to soar, his whole demeanor and outlook on life being transformed.

If we will renew our minds and put our hope completely in Christ and live by His Word, the above could describe us! Become a people of prayer.


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