The Right Side of the Trimaran

By: Chris Johnson

American conservatives are seeing a shift in the cultural conversation.

As we enter “Pride Month,” there have already been boycotts of companies peddling LGBTQ ideology that have had a tangible affect. Video evidence on social media from over the long Memorial Day weekend, an occasion identified with high alcohol consumption, showed grocery store refrigerators in the beer section laid bare – except for the Bud Light section.

Some store proprietors are offering rebates for Bud Light, making it essentially free, and still the stacks of cases sit in the aisles untouched.

Meanwhile, Target has also felt the wrath of their shoppers. When it was revealed that their “Pride” collection included pieces designed by a Satanist who elsewhere sells products celebrating violence against those who do not join him in celebrating sexual perversity, as well as pieces sized for children to disguise their feminine figures, and “Pride” products for infants, Target’s customers organized another boycott of the company, already affecting the loss of $10 billion to the company’s value.

Americans are becoming vocal in ways which only a year or two ago would have been unthinkable. Things are being said which would have been unsayable. Things like why do beer companies and department stores need me to affirm transgender radicalism? Why are fast food restaurants preaching at me? Why do schools want my kid to be trans?

But, at the moment we’re seeing an increase in outcry against the propaganda, and more importantly, seeing real backlash with real results, “conservative” leadership is seeking to dampen the outrage.

Over the weekend, several knives showed up in the backs of Americans still standing on Biblical morals.

Long considered one of the most conservative Senators at the federal level, former presidential candidate Ted Cruz condemned a law passed in Uganda over the weekend:

“This Uganda law is horrific & wrong.

Any law criminalizing homosexuality or imposing the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality”’ is grotesque & an abomination.

ALL civilized nations should join together in condemning this human rights abuse.


The “aggravated homosexuality” refers to gay sex with minors.

But Ted’s betrayal is just the start.

We can also look at Chick-Fil-A, which is in the news for its corporate “DEI” policy: “’We are better together’ – one of our core values at Chick-fil-A – means we combine our unique backgrounds and experiences with a culture of belonging, we can strengthen the quality of care we deliver. Chick-fil-A, Inc.’s commitment to being Better at Together means embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in everything we do.”

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is the business world equivalent of “wokeness.” What it means is that they’re committed to legitimizing homosexual and transgender ideology.

Here’s another tragic example: The Chosen, the on-demand TV show tailored to Christians dramatizing the ministry of Jesus Christ, released a behind-the-scenes promo video which scanned over one of several rainbow “Pride Flags.”

According to “Where do they come from? They belong to crew member Daniel Fritz, a Steadicam operator and long-time show employee.

Fritz is ‘married’ to a homosexual man and he occasionally dresses up in drag. Because he is openly gay and proud of it, his vest and equipment are adorned with the rainbow moniker, a common sight on set of the Jesus flick. If The Chosen is filming, you can bet there will be a gay flag nearby…”

The show’s Twitter account interacted with one person asking them to explain: “…we will work with anyone on our show who helps us portray or honor the authentic Jesus…”

Lastly, Charlie Kirk recently shared a stage with gay “conservative” Rob Smith for an event held by Kirk’s organization, Turning Point USA. During a Q&A session, he was confronted about this. Kirk defended his decision to platform the homosexual Smith, allowing Smith the chance to articulate his experiences and feelings as a “Gay Christian.”

“You don’t want him in the movement?” Kirk exasperatedly asked of the questioner.

Steve Coughlin once illustrated conservatives and liberals as the right and left hulls of a trimaran traveling towards a fork in a river. We’re taking the left fork, and the right side is going the same direction as the left side.

Tragically, even “conservative” and “Christian” voices are going for that ride on the catamaran.

In spite of these betrayals, we must stay united around the Truth of God’s Word. Even if we, as the old Sunday School song goes, “stand alone on the Word of God,” we cannot fall for the temptations of popularity and acceptance. Rather than being swept along by the river’s current, we must make our stand on Truth, whether it’s popular, or not. Whether the people we’ve looked up to are, or not.

Keep speaking the Truth.


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