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By: Bill Johnson

Please check out this interview with District 101’s Representative in the Michigan House! Joseph Fox is a dedicated Christian brother, doing the Lord’s work in our state legislature.

It was a sight to behold the many cars parked in the school administration parking lot and along the side roads leading up to the school administration building recently, as parents came in droves to express concern and indignation regarding the school’s transgender bathroom policy.

If opposing boys and young men in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms isn’t an issue worth opposing, then I don’t know what is.

But, what about the Fremont School Board (Fremont, MI)?  What about the superintendent?  The staff?   Are they okay with this?  If they falter out of fear of being sued and allow those confusing the genders to have their way, then the lie will be perpetrated and the slippery slope will take many with them – ruined bodies, ruined lives, hearts filled with sorrows.  And as young people are pushed into pursuing mutilating surgeries and cross-sex hormones, they will be forced to live with a body that cannot be restored.

As a former educator myself (of 18 years), knowing how impressionable children are, I would continue to do everything within my power and capability to oppose anything that smacked of lying to this generation of children – each one made in the image of God.  I believe with all my heart that I would have held the line – one way or another.

I would have continued to tell the truth – a boy is a boy; a girl is a girl.  The stakes have gotten so very high.  Much higher than when I was teaching.  I left teaching in June 1988 to go into full-time ministry.

As a teacher I encouraged parents to guard their children from programming that was not appropriate. I held a high standard for behavior and discipline.  Why high standards?  Because I cared about children – that under my care, to the best of my ability, they would progress academically, in applying themselves, in knowing the difference between right and wrong.

I would have stood against lying to them that a boy can be a girl or that somehow their confusion as to their gender should be enhanced with a surgery or chemicals.   I might have lost my job, but not without making a strong statement in word and deed.  I would never have allowed myself to allow this to be perpetrated under my oversight of my students.  I may have lost my job, but I would have kept my integrity; my conscience would be clear.

To uphold standards can be a very controversial thing, but look what happens when we exchange the truth for a lie.  That has been seen year upon year – the decline in standards, the decline in SAT scores, the increased breakdown in discipline all across America – and now allowing young men in girls’ bathrooms; boys competing in girls’ sports; the “advance” in wokeism and secularism in our schools.

We can’t necessarily do a lot about everyone else, but there is a lot we can do about ourselves.  Uphold what is right, good, true, honorable, decent, just.  Look beyond yourself.

The turnout by parents and grandparents at the Fremont Public Schools Board meeting was impressive – but don’t back down.  Parents standing up to defend their children against transgender insanity are needed in every community and every state in the nation.

Love your children.  Show it day in and day out, whatever your position in life!  Look to the standard.  The standard is Jesus – the way, the TRUTH and the life.

I urge you to watch this informative interview between American Decency’s president and founder Bill Johnson and Dave Kallman of the Kallman Legal Group, Lansing, Michigan on this explosive topic.


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