One Great Film Behind Us, One to Go

By: Chris Johnson

Last Friday, we had the opportunity to sit with some of our community’s respected farmers, along with other community members, to watch the documentary, “No Farmers, No Food: Will You Eat the Bugs?” We were humbled to host well over one hundred viewers between our two showings.

These men and women, our farmers, have built their lives around their industry, and raised families on both the work and its produce.

Farming requires constant attention to weather conditions, economic conditions, technological advancements, soil composition, herd health, equipment maintenance, and land management. Yet, politicians who’ve never been out of sight of a sidewalk have immense influence over farmers’ productivity – politicians exemplified by former presidential candidate and NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who said “I could teach anybody, even people in this room, no offense intended, to be a farmer. It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, you add water, up comes the corn. You could learn that.”

Worse yet, farmers around the world aren’t simply being misunderstood by their own political representatives, they’re being manipulated by globalist organizations whose favor and support our representatives crave, like Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, and the United Nations.

As “No Farmers, No Food” reveals, these “globalist elites” set the agenda, create arbitrary deadlines and goals, and win over world leaders to sign on, all in the name of preventing “climate change.”

The movie tells how, to prevent “climate change,” Dutch farmers are being ordered by their government to reduce their herds by as much as 90%. Sri Lankan farmers were banned from using the synthetic fertilizer their entire industry was based on. California ranches are losing their access to water for the goal of allowing a certain type of salmon to move farther inland.

The broadest felt impact, though, is these elites’ answer to the food shortages that the life-sized “board game” they’re playing with real farmers’ lives will lead to: insect protein.

As the average American sneers at the idea of such a dystopian diet being thrust upon them, meat magnate Tyson foods is partnering with an insect protein supplier to build a new insect ingredients facility in the United States. It will begin by providing insect protein for animal feed but, as farming best practices are manipulated by government and meat prices continue to rise, how long will it be before – as has already happened in the U.K. – crickets and meal worms become a more affordable alternative?

Our farmers in attendance have already experienced their own costs to produce feed rise substantially and expressed concern that we would see more of what the Dutch and Sri Lankan farmers have begun to experience.

You can still watch this Epoch Times special at In the very first few minutes you will see that it is relevant to you, no matter if you live near a farm or far away from agricultural centers in a big metropolitan area. Later, you’ll see that this has been a planned attack on our way of living by building upon a lie which was concocted decades ago! A subscription to EpochTV is required, or new users can get 4 weeks for $4 to watch the movie.

One farmer in attendance put it all in perspective, however. He said something like this; “Even if we do everything right with preparing soil and planting seed, if God doesn’t bless us, we won’t have a harvest. And God won’t bless us if we don’t repent of all of our wickedness.”

He’s right! All of these issues, national and global, can be solved at a word from our God. May the challenges that we see all around us prompt us to humble ourselves and turn to Him.

We have the opportunity to share another film with our community this coming Friday, Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary, “Police State.” This movie examines the weaponization of federal law enforcement against the current regime’s political enemies and ideological opponents: every day, ordinary, conservative Americans. This is an issue we’ve been warning about for over a decade through our conferences and interviews, and now we’re seeing what we’ve been warning of taking place, as documented in this movie.

We’d love to have you join us for “Police State,” at our offices (203 E Main St, Fremont, MI) this Friday, November 10, at either our 1:00 matinee or our 6:30 evening showing.

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