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By: Steve Huston

In light of the recent mass shooting which took place in Maine, we wondered about the timing of sending this article out. We have no wish to appear insensitive to the sorrow and loss of friends, family, or to the shock of a community. Sin always has devastating effects, sometimes thrust upon us more visibly than at others.

Still, the answer to loss of life and disruption of peace is not the taking away of rights, like the Left is always quick to attempt. Instead, it is the protection of our God-given and Constitutionally-guarded rights and freedoms which must remain paramount during such times. Instead of allowing an emotional response which would only bring eventual further atrocities, let us use reason which recognizes what this article entails and begs the question, “Had there been a good man/woman (or men/women) there, with a firearm and a desire to protect their community, how much of this sorrow might have been curtailed?”

Restrictive gun legislation only restricts law-abiding citizens, not criminals. Better to hold on to our rights for self-defense and self-preservation than to put oneself or a community at the mercy of a lawless gunman or government or foreign enemy.

Please read this article from our latest newsletter with an open mind and prayers for those suffering today here at home and abroad.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, so the modern-day state of Israel rose from the ashes of the Holocaust. Remembering the horrors from which she sprang and the nations which surround and desire to destroy her, one would think that every “man, woman, and child” would be encouraged to own and responsibly carry rifles and pistols for defending their family and nation.

The recent multi-faceted attack by Hamas on Israel may have been reconsidered before initiated or its results would likely have been less catastrophic had civilians been armed at the music festival, fathers armed protecting their families, women armed facing their rapists, and a largely armed citizenry to fight off these bloodthirsty aggressors. Granted, not all of these atrocities could have been stopped, but if the populace were well-armed instead of only relying on the police or military, much of it could have been halted or lessened. To be clear, I detest violence, but I detest a government hindering its citizens from their God-given duty to defend themselves and protect their families even more. Israel and, to a lesser extent, the United States have been infringing on the right of her peoples to “keep and bear arms,” with more emphasis on “well regulated” than militia.

In a recent YouTube video, Dave Kobler, U.S. Army veteran, explained that 25 years ago many Israeli citizens would carry rifles around to protect themselves, but today it is difficult to get a firearm license for a pistol and nearly impossible to carry a rifle. After listing the many obstacles in obtaining a firearm license, he states, “that “only 2% – 2.6% of Jewish people in Israel have the permit and have a firearm.” He also shares, “Usually if approved, citizens are allowed to hold a pistol and a limit of 50 rounds, must have a health declaration form from the physician, showing medical approval of mental and physical health attached to the application. The application must undergo a required weapon training every 18 months once a license is obtained and continuous training requirements. There are strong rules regarding weapon storage.”

This savage attack by Hamas is a clarion call for both Israel and America; individual gun rights are vital to reduce violence and to improve safety and security. Instead of making them more difficult to obtain, people should be encouraged to own and be proficient with all types of firearms. After all, if it can happen in Israel, it can certainly happen here.

 America’s founding fathers well understood that weakness provokes aggression and appeasement only serves to embolden our enemies. After all, it was Thomas Jefferson who wrote: “Weakness provokes insult & injury, while a condition to punish it often prevents it. … I think it to our interest to punish the first insult; because an insult unpunished is the parent of many others.” Of course, this is of extreme importance when dealing with other nations on an international level; it’s just as important, though, when dealing with one’s own government and its anti-gun actions perpetuated upon its own citizenry. Obviously, the “punishment,” purposely incorporated into our republican form of government, would look much different than that which is inflicted upon a foreign aggressor, but when any government takes steps to restrict its people’s self-defense, lawful, constitutional measures must be taken. Otherwise, when “Gaza comes to America,” how can we expect a different outcome than that of our Israeli allies?

Do you feel that “when” is too strong a word? Sam Faddis, retired CIA officer, accurately states: “We’re looking at what’s happening in Israel; it’s horrific. Your immediate question, as an American, ought to be, ‘How long before Gaza happens here?’ And the answer is, “Only by the grace of God did it not already happen.’”

Too many refuse to see the dangers attached to our porous border, well-presented by Lisa Van Houten’s earlier article, particularly in regards to “special interest aliens.” Sam Faddis’ quote from AND Magazine further highlights these dangers: “Most of the individuals entering our country illegally are not women or children. They are fighting-age males. Increasingly they are from the Middle East or Sub-Saharan Africa. These are areas in which large, anti-American Islamic terrorist groups operate. The mission of those groups remains the destruction of the United States.” Continuing, “… you are setting yourself up for disaster. You are creating the conditions under which groups and nations hostile to the United States can infiltrate teams of individuals onto your soil in preparation for an attack.

When we recognize that Islamists have a great hatred for all “infidels,” calling Israel the “Little Satan” and the U.S. the “Great Satan,” combined with our lack of commitment and integrity in standing with our allies… When we recognize that there is a growing anti-Semitism and support within our nation for Hamas…

When we continue to fund our and our allies’ enemies while weakening our own military; nationally call good evil and evil good, thereby weakening our own moral strength; and continue to sell land to China while allowing them steal our intelligence and infiltrate our institutions…

When we realize that these are only the tip of the iceberg, how can we not expect a titanic crash?

Without Constitutional diligence in protecting our Second Amendment rights, we will eventually be put in a very similar situation as Israel was. Having a properly armed and trained citizenry is a large part of national security. Why didn’t Japan attack the United States mainland during World War II? Paraphrasing their answer, “How can we attack a land where there’s a rifle behind every tree?” They knew they would be slaughtered, not by the military but by our citizens. We need to rely on God for our protection but we are also required by the commandments of God to protect our own families, to take the measures that we need, and to use wisdom while we’re doing it.


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