Is America Becoming a Police State?

By: Steve Huston

Join us at the American Decency headquarters (203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI) THIS Friday (11/10) at either 1 PM or 6:30 PM for Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary Police State. Watch the trailer here.

For anyone who may have apprehensions regarding a film called Police State, please understand that American Decency and this film are NOT anti-police. We are grateful for each and every policeman and federal agent who acts within the boundaries of our Constitution. Being anti-police state is NOT the same as being anti-police.

Dinesh D’Souza very aptly describes this difference: “There’s no incompatibility between being pro-police and anti- police state, because police states are inherently lawless. The weaponized institutions of government that are going after people are not doing it on the impartial or neutral basis of law; they’re doing it on the basis of targeting.

In an interview with Epoch Times’ Crossroads’ Joshua Philipp, Dinesh defines our current situation as he sees it:

Our problem isn’t cultural decline per se; it is emerging forms of tyranny, which is a whole different threat and a much more serious threat. It’s a threat that is a direct attack on the Bill of Rights; it’s a direct attack on the architecture of the founding. It is permanently an effort to change what America has been since the beginning.

He continued, “I wanted the film to highlight the threat that America is becoming an unfree society, like North Korea, like China, like the old Soviet Union. This is something that even for me, as an immigrant, comes as something of a shock because all of this has happened so rapidly.

Joshua Philipp rightly commented on the fall of the republic of Rome and tying it to our own Republic: “Politicized justice: It’s a big deal…The politicization of the justice system was regarded as one of the main or key moments in the collapse of the Republic (Roman). You no longer have a division of powers once the justice system is serving the will of the political faction.” American Decency has been pointing this out for decades; we’re very concerned over the “two-tiered justice” that has been imposed on us, particularly from political and religious standpoints.

Some may wonder what a police state is and how it can happen in America. Aren’t there inherent protections given in our Constitution?

Dinesh answers this important aspect, helping us to understand how the police state begins. It may not allay our fears, but it will help us to better understand how good people get caught up in doing wrong.

What we try to show in the movie, and I don’t know if this is explicitly said or implied, is that a police state works by having strategically placed very bad people and then creating a bureaucratic incentive structure in which decent people – ordinary people – are motivated to do very bad things.” Dinesh goes on to explain how good, maybe even patriotic, people end up being convinced or coerced to do these bad things. I would urge you to watch this interview for the full discussion on this matter. It’s enlightening.

Mr. D’Souza also speaks of “classic police state thuggery” and points to the “police planet,” recognizing that this is happening around the world as well. It’s all a part of the globalist plan.

If you live close enough, join us at the American Decency headquarters (203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI) THIS Friday (11/10) at either 1 PM or 6:30 PM for Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary Police State. Be sure to bring friends and family with you. Information helps us to combine zeal with knowledge.

Live far away to join us? Don’t miss out on seeing this important film. Purchase it from Epoch Times (Epoch Cinema) or at It can be procured via streaming or DVD. Watch the newest three-minute trailer here.


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