What is China up to?

By: Steve Huston

This Thursday, June 16, American Decency (203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI) will be showing a very important webinar hosted by Frank Gaffney and the Committee on the Present Danger: China at 1 PM. This webinar is entitled The Enemies Within: Biden, Larry Fink, and Other CCP-captured Elites.

Elite capture is a battle front in Communist China’s unrestricted warfare being waged on America and the free world. Join us for this week’s panel discussion from the Committee on the Present Danger: China as we expose American leaders and influencers who are beholden to the CCP and help enable and excuse its transnational crimes against humanity to the detriment of America.” (Taken from their website)

Frank Gaffney will serve as moderator to this following A-1 list of truth seekers and truth tellers! Look at this all-star lineup!

  • Trevor Loudon, Producer, “Enemies Within The Church”
  • Will Hild, Executive Director, Consumers Research
  • Xi Van Fleet, Survived Mao’s Cultural Revolution and fled China to America | Profile
  • Peter Schweitzer, Author, “Red Handed”
  • Charles “Sam” Faddis, Former CIA operations officer

Keep your eyes on your inbox for more information about this Thursday’s event. Help us get the word out by posting this article to social media, forwarding this email to family and friends, and spreading it word of mouth. The information in this alert and in the upcoming event is vital and needs to be seen!

In order to be prepared for this very important event, we urge you to watch a previous webinar entitled “The Chinese Communist Party is Transitioning to War: What are We Doing?” Here, Frank moderates a panel discussion whose participants share their insightful views on the May 14 “alleged” leak from a Top-classified PLA (People’s Liberation Army) meeting in Guangdong  province where senior party and military personnel discuss the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) plans to transition from peacetime to wartime status. This vital discussion includes the preparedness of, or lack thereof, America’s citizens and military. The questions to be asked and answered during this webinar are: War with whom, when, and to what effect? Recognizing that this is only in preparation for the event this Thursday, one can see that this is obviously a meeting that needs to be well-attended; it’s our prayer that you will help us spread the word.

 Here’s a very short and, admittedly, lacking summary of this important webinar.

Brian Kennedy, current leader of the American Strategy Group and leader of Present Danger: China, points out that we, as a nation, underestimate communist China. The CCP has 90 million members that have the capability of controlling 1.4 billion people and they have a first world military. They are a very determined people when it comes to both dominating China itself and the world more broadly.

To put it bluntly, they take to heart the proverb spoken by Confucius, “There cannot be two suns in the sky, nor two emperors on the earth.” They have patiently bided their time, waiting for the advantage to ripen, and they believe that time is very, very soon. It would seem that they are ready to implement the words of Mao, “Socialism, in the ideological struggle, now enjoys all the conditions to triumph as the fittest.” Yet, the Western world has long dismissed these threats of world-wide domination, either from a sense of pride (we stand and will always stand) or from, as another panelist, Dr. Bradley Thayer, would describe it, “the fog of peace.”

“The fog of peace,” simply put, is expecting that because there was no war yesterday and there doesn’t seem to be one today that there won’t be one tomorrow. That makes as much sense as saying that because the weather is great yesterday and still sunshiny today, it doesn’t matter that there is a high-pressure system and ripening aspects that make for storms and possible tornadoes, we will have sunshine tomorrow. Let’s plan a huge picnic, inviting all our friends and family.

We must not underestimate the CCP; they are very capable and encouraged by the fact that they know today they have a unique opportunity to exploit American weaknesses and lack of preparedness. While the U.S. desires to maintain the status quo, the CCP seeks to change the status quo in international politics and acts in all areas to bring this to pass – diplomatically, economically, politically, militarily.

Jeff Nyquist, another of Gaffney’s guests, points to a Wall Street Journal article entitled China Insists Party Elites Shed Overseas Assets, Eyeing Western Assets. His observations, from this article and recent actions taken by the CCP, are that the CCP have been and are preparing for war. They want to seize Western assets in their country and get their assets out of other countries; they’ve been stock-piling food, fuel, and other raw materials; the national lockdowns and port closures; all these things point to the CCP being ready to take advantage of the advantage that is theirs at this time. He also states that the logistical preparations for this war “are on a scale that dwarfs the Normandy invasion.” He goes on to list the incredible number of war machines the CCP has gathered for this war and one can only conclude that this goes way beyond taking back Taiwan. As Dr. Bradley Thayer stated, The Chinese are doing what they can to ensure that they will capitalize on these events and surprise the world with an attack or other coercive measures directed against Taiwan, Japan, India, the states of Southeast Asia, and the U.S. – any or all of these.

America, knowing these things, should be preparing for war; but we’re not. We have no missile defense if things escalate to a nuclear attack. We have a military that’s designed for fighting land wars and a military leadership that thinks in these terms. The U.S. itself is already rife with internal strife and the CCP intends to mobilize overseas Chinese to help with the execution of the war. They will weaken the U.S. as they carry out war in Taiwan. Dr. Thayer warns that all this combined leaves us with a potential crisis that America and its military are ill-prepared to deal with. Plus, the Biden administration and Congress don’t seem to be either aware of it, or if they are, there’s no desire to move us toward preparedness and readiness.

He urges us to inform others – including Congress – and encourage others to be prepared for a crisis that likely looms ahead.

There’s so much more in this webinar and I urge you to watch it, either alone, or, better yet, with one or more people. This just gives you a taste of what is being discussed by the CCP and what needs to be discussed here at home. The future of our nation is at stake. Even if nothing comes of this and the May 14 CCP meeting leak is a hoax, as some have suggested and I don’t believe, these are very real problems and shortcomings that America and Americans must deal with if we hope to be prepared for the inevitable. While our hope is not in the military, good leadership, or preparedness and our hope is in the Lord, neither are we to be presumptuous upon the Lord’s grace or mercy. America must become spiritually fit and militarily prepared.

As much vital information as this webinar contained, the one we will be showing this Thursday is even more important. We urge you to attend THIS Thursday, June 16 at 1 PM at American Decency to become informed and stir others.


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