TODAY! ADA-1 PM, Chinese Elite Capture

By: Steve Huston

TODAY’S conference (June 16) at the American Decency building (ADA – 203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI) at 1 PM, is a webinar, that might better be called a security briefing, given by Frank Gaffney and the Committee on the Present Danger: China entitled The Enemies Within: Biden, Larry Fink, and Other CCP-captured Elites. If one wants to understand what has been happening to America and why we are where we are today, then do NOT miss this unique opportunity.

To better understand what a “captured elite” is and a fuller picture of what you’ll see when you attend today, please read yesterday’s email alert here. Today’s email is going to cover some of the Q & A that took place at the end of the webinar. The answers given were deep, wide, and added a dimension that is sure to whet your appetite; join us today and bring family and friends with you. 

The first question was addressed to Trevor Loudon. What about the Commander in Chief? Please discuss the implications of being compromised by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), if indeed he is. Trevor answers as only he can; even with the depth of intellect and information which he possesses he puts things very clearly, leaving no doubt to the veracity of his answer and the dangers that America face.

Another question directed to Trevor was: What is the relationship between the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), the EU, and Xi? If you have ever wondered, like I have, why these work in conjunction with one another when there can only be one “top dog,” then you’ll find his answer to be worth the price of your time to attend! (The event is free but your time is worth something.)

Frank comments on Peter’s book, Red Handed, stating that it reads like a legal indictment; he then asks Xi Van Fleet if she has any suggestions as to what people in this country can do to take corrective action, to demand an end to this sort of complicity to the CCP?

There are other questions asked and answers given; but I’m sure you’re already saying, “I can’t miss this!” and you’d be right! Show up at the American Decency Association today at 1 PM to be informed and pass the information on to others.


Next Thursday, June 23 at 1 PM, American Decency (203 E. Main St.) will be showing Matt Walsh’s film What Is A Woman? Mark your calendar today, plan to join us, and keep your eyes on your inbox for more information. When Leftist school teachers, Supreme Court Justices, politicians, and others can’t answer the question that most 5 year olds can answer; when the brazenness of the culture moves Christian institutions and others of “sound mind” to question their own sanity and beliefs; then such a movie must be necessary for today. Please share this opportunity with your church, your family, and your friends. Even if you know the answer to “What is a woman?” you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see and hear in this film.


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