The Danger is Real and it is NOW!

By: Steve Huston

Please join us tomorrow, Friday, May 20 at 1PM at the American Decency building (203 E. Main St.)  as Thom Powell from Right to Life of Michigan will clearly describe the stark dangers to life in Michigan and what YOU can do to protect babies, teens, and parental rights in this state. The danger is real and it is NOW! Pray now that Roe v Wade will be overturned and that the attack on life in Michigan by Planned Parenthood will be soundly defeated.

Last week I urged you to NOT SIGN any petition regarding abortion or “reproductive rights” and told you why. Read that here.

Earlier this week, I encouraged you to engage with petitioners who want you to sign on in support of this vile attack on life in Michigan. Read that here.

Today, I simply want to remind you about what is happening and urge you to attend American Decency’s meeting tomorrow at 1 PM. Anyone that is pro-life and anyone who truly believes in the sanctity of life needs to be aware of what is happening in Michigan right now. With the Supreme Court’s potential decision to nullify Roe v. Wade, the battleground moves to each local state. In the 1800s Michigan passed a state law that made abortion illegal; it was reinforced in 1931, giving Michigan the strongest pro-life law in the nation.  But be warned  – Planned Parenthood, anticipating that Roe v. Wade would be nullified, has unleashed a petition that IS AND HAS BEEN circulating, in an effort to destroy Michigan’s strong pro-life stance.  Planned Parenthood will use all of its resources to replace Michigan’s pro-life laws with one which is pro-death, including verbiage that opens the door to infanticide. This is being attempted now. We must act NOW!

 This is a critical time for Michigan. If we do not stop Planned Parenthood from getting the signatures they need, the battle for life will become more costly and more difficult. NOW is the time to expend our effort; NOW is the time to be vigilant in the promotion of life. NOW is the time for all life and liberty loving people to come to the aid of their state!

Join us tomorrow (Friday) at the American Decency building at 1 PM. BRING OTHERS WITH YOU! Be in prayer as you come and as you leave. Be a creative and a critical thinker, bringing questions and ideas. Thom Powell is a powerful and compassionate voice for such a time as this. Your Friday afternoon will be well spent learning about and getting ready to protect life in Michigan.


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