Stand for Students – TOMORROW!

By: Steve Huston

If you care about school students who are being socially engineered by the Marxist ideologies being pushed upon them through the public school system, even where good and caring teachers may abound, please attend this meeting in Muskegon tomorrow. While not an American Decency event they are addressing the concerns we have for those tender, moldable minds in the public school system. Please read their email below:

Are Schools in Moral Decay?
What to look for and what YOU can do about it!

You won’t believe it.  It really is shocking.  Public schools across the country are teaching Critical Race Theory in one form or another.  They are displaying Black Lives Matter flags and Gay Pride flags in classrooms.  Libraries are providing books for students that can only be classified as pornography.  Students are being singled out for having conservative ideals and asked what their pronouns are.  Public education is indoctrinating our children and changing the belief systems and values of the next generation, and not for the better.  Plan to attend our August 4 Gathering to find out more!

Our special guest speaker is Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, candidate for State Board of Education. She holds a doctorate in theology and education is an election integrity expert, a national public speaker, author of two books, businesswomen, and owner of Tarver Consulting.

There will also be a small panel of local citizens who have confronted these issues in school districts in Muskegon.  Invite a friend and plan to attend this important gathering to find out what we as conservatives can do to ensure harmful ideologies like CRT, gender identity, and more stay out of our schools!

1551 Wood St., Muskegon, MI  49442

Again, this is not an American Decency event, but please do help us spread the word, show up to Living Word Church and learn, then go out and share.


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