Patient-driven Healthcare

By: Steve Huston

We need reliable healthcare, healthcare that is consumer based instead of insurance based and healthcare that conscientiously chooses to deal with the whole of the person—body, mind, and soul. In light of this, Christian Healthcare Centers is not only a breath of fresh air but much needed.

Click here and listen to this very interesting and informative 30 minute interview as Bill Johnson, founder and president of American Decency Association interviews Mark Blocher, founder of Christian Healthcare Centers (CHC), as they address CHC’s alternative to healthcare services that are failing to address patient concerns regarding cost, ethics, and trust. Allow it to whet your appetite; come hear even more about CHC and the much needed services they offer in Grand Rapids and very soon will offer in Newaygo! Join us THIS THURSDAY, March 17 at 6:30 PM; bring friends, family, and your own questions!

What can you expect to hear at this event and in the above linked interview?

– What makes CHC healthcare Christian?

– What healthcare services will the center in Newaygo offer?

– How do you handle emergency situations?

– How do you handle prescriptions?

– And much, much more!

Share this email, share this link; mark your calendar and invite your friends to this important event on this much needed alternative to insurance-based healthcare. THIS THURSDAY, March 17 at 6:30 PM at American Decency (203 E. Main St. Fremont, MI.), don’t miss out!

This event will also be Facebook live and recorded.


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