MOVIE: Sabina – March 4 at 1 & 7 PM

By: Bill Johnson

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Behind every strong man is a strong woman; and sometimes God uses her to embolden His man to stand and to do so with resolute determination in the face of evil, regardless of personal cost. Richard Wurmbrand was blessed to have such a wife, her name was Sabina. Read this incredible account where Sabina encourages and strengthens that which is already in her husband. This is a transcript from the Torchlighters’ account of Richard Wurmbrand.

He and Sabina are at a gathering of church leaders as communism begins to take over Bucharest, Romania. At one point, the man in charge shouts to the crowd, “And we thank Comrade Stalin who unites our faiths under the banner of communism! Call me no longer Bishop! Call me… Comrade!” During the thunderous applause from nearly the whole assembled group, the “Bishop” speaks to a nearby colonel stating that Wurmbrand would be a fool to not accept the offer of security in exchange for backing the government.

Meanwhile, Richard sees another pastor friend of his and asks, “Sergei, what do you make of this?” Sergei replies, “A disgrace. We’ve had hours and hours of speeches by none other than church leaders, all of them backing the communists!” Richard asks his friend, “So what did you do?” Sergei responds as I sadly imagine many pastors today would, “Richard! I have a family to think about.”

Sabina, then, speaks boldly to her husband, “Richard, this is shameful; so many of the pastors are afraid to take a stand for God! You must wipe the shame off the face of Christ by setting things right!” To which he says, “If I do, I may be arrested and you may end up without a husband.” Sabina firmly replies, “This is not a time for any of us to be cowards!

At this point Richard approaches the platform with resolve and addresses the crowd:

Today, we as ministers are being asked to work with our new government for the good of our country. But how can we respect a government that denies the existence of God! Denies us the reading of the Bible and shuts down the places in which we meet to worship! Such a government deserves not our support but our pity and our disdain! Shame on the cowardice that does not stand and defend our God! The people of Romania need us now, more than ever! It is for God that this church was built; it is for God!

After leaving the podium Sergei warns Richard that he must leave Romania, for he has riled the beast. Sabina interjects, “Sergei, it is when the wolf approaches that the shepherd must turn to face it…not to flee!” Richard, in agreement, exclaims, “People need us in Romania, and in Romania we shall stay!” Together, husband and wife walk out of the meeting.

I hope that whets your appetite to come and see Sabina, a movie produced and provided by Voice of the Martyrs. American Decency (203 E. Main St., Fremont) will be showing this well done and incredible story on Friday, March 4 at both 1 PM and 7 PM. Please RSVP; contact Kimberly at 231-924-4050 or to reserve your spot for either the 1 PM or 7 PM showing. You don’t want to miss out on this!

As we enter into times that may begin to mirror those times of the Wurmbrands in Romania, might we stand with the same resolve for our Lord Jesus Christ and do so in the Spirit’s mighty power. If we are to do so, we must begin preparing ourselves with a strong devotional and prayer life now! To God be the glory!



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