Liberty, Tyranny, and America in the Balance

By: Steve Huston

To:  Friends
From:  Bill Johnson
Re:  Liberty, Tyranny, and America in the Balance
Date:  February 24, 2022

By Steve Huston

In a recent Epoch Times article, Rod Dreher, author of Live Not By Lies and senior editor of The American Conservative, warns that the United States is on the path that all totalitarian countries follow and that we are at a critical juncture because everything has been politicized. He also exhorts us to push back against “soft” totalitarianism to stop hard totalitarianism from taking hold.

Quoting from the article:

Before beginning his book, Dreher interviewed many people who emigrated from countries such as Soviet Russia, China, Czechoslovakia, Nazi Germany, Italy, and so on, as well as dissidents in their own countries about their experiences living under totalitarian rule.

“I would simply ask them, ‘Are the things you’re seeing happening in America today, in terms of cancel culture—wokeness, things like that—does it remind you of what you left behind?’ Every single one of them said yes. And if you talked to them long enough, they would get really angry that Americans don’t take them seriously.

 We at American Decency have been putting this warning before our readers for many years now. Back in 2013 we brought WWII Dutch resistance heroine Diet Eman with her solemn warning to West Michigan. Please click on this page and watch “World War 2 hero Diet Eman speaks at American Decency in Fremont, MI” and/or “Diet Eman’s Story of the Dutch Resistance” to hear again, or perhaps for the first time, these timely and important warnings.

The Epoch Times continues, “The old totalitarianism achieved control by ‘inflicting pain and terror and fear on people to make them conform,’ he said. But the current brand of totalitarianism ‘uses comfort to control people.’

As we look at mandates, threats, and rewards, we see both types of totalitarianism being pushed upon the American public. As this is pushed harder and further we are witnessing the development of second-class citizens and the development of totalitarianism overshadowing this “land of the free and home of the brave.”

To help better understand how America is hanging in the balance of liberty and tyranny listen to this 16 minute interview with Glenn Beck and Romanian dissident and Christian Virginia Prodan, author of Saving My Assassin.

Rod Dreher indentifies America’s main trouble thusly, This is the source of the tyranny. We are so afraid to be poor…We’re afraid to be anxious, to be unhappy, that so many of us will do just about anything to avoid trouble and to protect our middle class comfort.

Americans must come to understand that liberty and freedom demand that we have the right, or opportunity, to be poor or unhappy, as well as rich or happy; that’s the equality offered to each person, giving them the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as opposed to equity of outcome. Don’t be fooled; without liberty: poverty, fear, anxiety, unhappiness, and a host of other evils, eventually will be ours, in the hard shackles of tyranny. We’ve been lulled to sleep by a government that desires to “take care of us from the cradle to the grave.” The real problem with that is, eventually, they will rob our cradles and push us into the grave.

May God help us to wake up now; or we will lose our freedom.


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