Don’t miss your briefing on Elite Capture: China’s Unrestricted Warfare

By: Steve Huston

I am not only excited to invite our readers to THIS Thursday’s conference, June 16, at American Decency (ADA – 203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI) where we will be showing a very important webinar hosted by Frank Gaffney and the Committee on the Present Danger: China at 1 PM, but also to share several resources with you today that will add to this vital and cutting edge information given by Frank’s panel guests. This webinar is entitled The Enemies Within: Biden, Larry Fink, and Other CCP-captured Elites.

The first question you might be asking is “What is elite capture?” Trevor Loudon states that it’s been going on a long time; it’s when the “Chinese (CCP) have co-opted leading business figures, leading governmental figures – sometimes through ideology, sometimes through money and business deals, sometimes a combination of both.

When you join us at ADA this Thursday you’ll hear Trevor list off several of the “captured elite” in our government, showing their ties to the CCP, stating, “Virtually every one of Biden’s cabinet secretaries has some connection to China.” One may feel a healthy dose of righteous indignation rise as they hear of those in Congress, on both sides of the aisle, who have either been compromised through ideology, money, or both. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been co-opting our elites and we easily see the results through the foreign and domestic policies which are being put into place—to the benefit of our most egregious enemy at this time.

I urge you to read this article from The Epoch Times (6/7/22) entitled Pawns’ for Beijing: CCP Pressures US Officials to Tilt Policies in China’s Favor. One might be surprised to find that many of those we have elected to Congress have been approached by the CCP. It’s good to know that some refuse to be bought; but what about those we know nothing about? How many have become the “captured elite?” At the same time, the CCP has taken measures (the same as those taken by Mao Zedong) to help ensure that they aren’t falling victim to the same nefarious tactics they use. This article from The Epoch Times, entitled Beijing Offers Cash for ‘National Security Violation’ Tip-Offs, gives a bit of insight into their efforts.

Will Hild joins Frank Gaffney, delving into the underhanded, dare we call it treasonous, acts of Larry Fink and BlackRock, showing that “elite capture” isn’t just for the political realm but takes place in the financial and corporate world as well. This American multinational investment management corporation based in New York City is the “ringleader of a conspiracy to push corporate America into many different directions, mainly to become part of the progressive left coalition to adopt as business priorities the political priorities of the progressive coalition here in the U.S.” It’s no surprise that many of these are the same priorities that the CCP desires for the U.S. (i.e. “energy and security – foolish self-defeating policies both from an energy standpoint but also from a social standpoint – things that would disrupt our ability to function as a society.”) BlackRock also pushes companies to weigh in on election integrity and abortion issues.

Frank Gaffney describes Larry Fink as “the most powerful, least accountable, and therefore most dangerous individual in America.”

One can learn more about this anti-American company and Larry Fink at or Both websites are full of informational articles that well uncover who and what this “elite captured” individual and investment firm are. Here, also, are two videos that will shed some light on what is happening with Larry Fink and BlackRock. BlackRock and ESG Controlling America but Benefiting China—With Will Hild – 20 minutes and What China Invading Taiwan Would Mean to the US & World; Is BlackRock Selling Out America? – 14 minutes.

Xi Van Fleet is another panelist who, as a school girl in China, lived through the Cultural Revolution and states that what’s happening to our school children in America is much akin to what she experienced then. She points out that there is a difference between the CCP and the Chinese people, stating that, when speaking of China, it’s important for us to differentiate between the two. She also points to a Tucker Carlson broadcast where there was a professor from People’s University in China who reported that the CCP have total control in America because they have “old friends” in America at every level. Xi also pointed out that wokeness is communism, showing that “elite capture” has taken place in our schools as well as the other institutions we’ve already mentioned. To see the video Xi is referring to click here.

Peter Schweizer, author of Red Handed, asks, “Why doesn’t the U.S. have a more pro-active position in countering the CCP’s actions that are taking place on the global stage?” It’s the strategy of the “elite capture.” The CCP says, “Instead of going head to head with the U.S. we’ll just buy off elements of its leadership class.” He lists off some of the areas that this unrestricted warfare attacks – both political parties, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C.

Peter explains that the CCP doesn’t expect these people to be robots; they look for “big help with a little bad mouth.” In other words, the CCP tells them, “Give us the big things – technology, access to markets, free trade, financing, and you can bad mouth us on Uyghurs,  human rights, or Taiwan. It’s okay so long as we get the big things; because ultimately we will win!”

He has much, much more to say; join us this Thursday, June 16 at 1 PM to hear it all.

Frank’s final guest is Charles “Sam” Faddis who used to do “elite capture” for the United States; so, he has great insight into what is happening as the CCP co-opts – “elite captures” – influential people here within our own nation. He warns that when we evaluate what may or may not happen with any aspect of America – dealing with Taiwan or ANY other scenarios – we MUST take into account the key factor that the CCP, to one extent or another, control a very large portion of all the most powerful sectors in our nation.Inside our perimeter, they own people! Some of them are fully controlled by Beijing.

This former CIA agent shares with us about Biden’s connections to the Chinese, how we are fueling and funding our mortal enemy (CCP), and points out the ridiculousness of funding our own demise. “We are making the monster bigger and stronger.

In closing, I again urge you to watch the webinar we promoted Monday, showing the imminent war that the CCP is preparing for. Today’s Secure Freedom Minute with Frank Gaffney only supports the dangers that these webinars (from Monday’s alert and this Thursday’s showing) warn of. Frank starts by saying, “On Monday, Communist China ratcheted up yet again its territorial claims to the waters, airspace and resources of the Western Pacific. Beijing declared that it ‘has sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction over the Taiwan Strait,’ the 90-mile-wide stretch that separates Taiwan’s island from the Chinese mainland.

As the CCP flex’s its muscles how will America respond? As “elite capture” goes deep and wide within our nation, marching through the institutions, we must ask ourselves, “Do we have muscle to flex?” 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn what China (the CCP) is up to. It’s important information and we must not only get prepared personally but urge those who are supposed to be protectors of our Constitution and of our nation to bring our nation up to a readiness, fitness, and preparedness to meet the upcoming and imminent challenges.

Thursday, June 16 at 1 PM at the American Decency Building – Don’t miss your security briefing!

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