C.S. Lewis Coming to Fremont!

By: Steve Huston

Important additional information regarding our showing of the movie The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis—Please read!

Thank you for your continued stand with us in following our work and NOT just seeing us as a voice of mere politics and controversy.

We desire to be engaged but also to bring spiritual application as best as we can. Also, we desire to bring positive messages as well, like the movie that we have scheduled at American Decency (203 E. Main St. Fremont) on Friday, January 28 at 7:00 PM. The movie is entitled The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis.

Positive Christian movies are hard to come by in these days. So, we made the decision to bring this movie despite whether 10 or 20 show up because we believe it ministers at a deep level.  We want that for us and for you.

As most of you know, it hasn’t been our practice to charge admissions for our events.  The charge that is affiliated with this event ($11 for adults; $9 for children) does not come from us but from the company that is promoting the movie and making it available to venues like ours. There is also a tax or handling charge of $1.55 per ticket. We find this disappointing but we still have chosen to bring this movie to you because we know that it is a well done, powerful movie on one of the most influential Christian voices of the 20th century, C.S. LewisClick here to purchase your ticket online.

If you are not able to afford this movie, we will cover the cost for you or take care of whatever you are unable to pay.

So in a sense this is a disclaimer – wanting to explain to you our regrets regarding the charge factor which we strongly feel detracts from our effort to be a ministry that trusts God to help us cover costs of movies, speakers, etc.

This film was originally to be shown in theaters across the nation for one night only, November 3, 2021. However, after earning over $1.2 million in box office sales, its one night showing was extended to November 18, 2021.

We do trust that you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to witness, in much of C.S. Lewis’ own words, the transforming power of Christ in the soul of one who was once an avowed atheist.

To watch the trailer of Max McLean playing C.S. Lewis in an on stage production click here.

To watch the trailer for the film we will be showing which is based on this play click here.

So, dear friend, we hope you will come – come what may – and join us for what we believe will be a special night of spiritual encouragement.

Won’t you please join us on Friday, January 28 at 7:00 PM?


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