Strengthen Us for the Fight!

By: Bill Johnson

These are difficult times, yet we count it a great privilege to be able to minister in His mighty name and to have friends who enable us to stay in the battle.

Your help is needed to keep us in the fight.  Will you stand with us? 

As we close out 2021, we are preparing for another year of standing for Truth.  We couldn’t do what we do without God’s grace and the support of His people – through financial gifts, prayers, and words of encouragement.

Below are just a few comments we’ve received recently that let us know our supporters are with us.

 We want to take this Christmas Season to thank you all for what you do to fight against the evil in our society and to help keep us informed on what we can do to help.  Your work does not go unnoticed and we say thank you!! and please keep up this important work.  We keep you all in prayer for God’s help, provisions, and encouragement….  D.&B. E.

Thank you for continuing to speak TRUTH even though it can be uncomfortable.  This country is under God’s judgment and I believe that darkness will only increase.  The darker it gets the brighter the light will shine.  Please continue to be a light for us as long as you are physically, financially, etc. able.  Your messages have helped me to see that this is all about light vs. darkness, good vs. evil – we battle against principalities of darkness.  May God’s grace be upon you and yours.  J.W.

What a wonderful newsletter again!  Thank you so much for your boldness and courage in fighting our Lord’s battle against sin!  Please keep up your good work, we will continue to support and pray for you all.  G.&M. T.

…You are each special, servants of God, prayed for, and so appreciated.  God continues to use you for “such a time as this,” and we’re so grateful for your service to our God.  May all of us be bold in our faith and let our light shine.  We support and pray for you.  Our country has lost its way and needs to turn back and repent, and call upon our Savior and Lord.  I think back to how Bill started … What a story you have.  God has and continues to use you, giving you the heart and areas to fight against Satan.  Not many could do what you’ve done. … And now others have joined your work and are so vital.  God has put it all together and ADA is so needed in our country today.  Keep the good fight, and keep leaning and trusting on our Great God who carries you and never leaves us, and gives us all hope. God bless you.  T.&D. K.

Thank you for being a part of our ministry throughout these years. We hope that you see fit to continue to support us financially and with your prayers.  Your partnership is as important today as perhaps never before.  As God leads, will you help strengthen us for the coming year’s battles? You can support us by visiting our new donation page:

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