This week's "A Decency Minute"


Bill Johnson sits down with Peggy Whitman

By: Bill Johnson

In my years of ministry, stretching back to 1987 (1985 if you include volunteer work) we are seeing individuals in these days rise up as never before; rising up to meet needs of loved ones.

Peggy Whitman is one such person.  In an interview with Bill Johnson, Peggy shares her personal story of heartbreak when she wasn’t permitted to visit her elderly mother in an area senior facility.

This was her mother!  How could she not have the loving touch of her daughter at the most trying days of her life.   How could this be?

You won’t want to miss Peggy’s explanation of the dilemmas she experienced and how with the help of God, she prayerfully has tried to find ways to minister to her mother and others similarly separated from their loved ones.  To view her interview:  Click Here.

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