Call your Senator and Congress person NOW!!!

By: Steve Huston

With talk of stimulus packages, special interest groups and the like, there is nothing more dangerous coming out of Washington DC, at this point than a Democrat desire to vote on something called “Universal vote by mail.”

This is more dangerous than the coronavirus, with longer-lasting effects—and they are supposed to be voting on it this early afternoon. Why is this dangerous and why are the Democrats pushing hard on this? The answer to the following questions will give you an idea:

How do you know who is voting? How do you know they are citizens? How do you know they aren’t voting someone else’s ballot? How can you be assured that the Democrats aren’t harvesting these votes?

On top of all this, we don’t dare federalize elections!

Call your Senator or Congress person and tell them vote NO on the Universal vote by mail proposal.

Call NOW and URGE them strongly to vote NO!

If you’d like to hear Sandy Rios speak about this in the first part of her program click here.

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