STAND UP or Be Pulled Under

By: American Decency Staff


STATES HAVE A SAY!  President Trump is giving the state and local governments a say in refugee resettlement; and it’s becoming like a big ole game of ‘Tug-of-War—but it’s NOT a gameTIME IS RUNNING OUT! Read on, to know the stakes and what you can do to help keep your state or local area from being pulled apart or pulled under.

Recognizing the helpless feeling many Americans had when it came to refugee resettlement, President Trump created an Executive Order (in September) in which he called upon the U.S. State Department to collect approvals in writing from governors and county/city elected officials stating that they will accept refugees. This way the federal contractors can get their funding to move the refugees into your towns.

The Executive Order states that within 90 days from its date “the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall develop and implement a process to determine whether the State and locality both consent, in writing, to the resettlement of refugees within the State and locality, before refugees are resettled within that State and locality under the Program.” There’s more, read it. 90 days from September 26, 2019, that means that time is running out! We urge you to act!

Your State & local officials need to hear from you NOW on refugee resettlement.

Governors of the following states have already told President Trump that they want more refugees for their state: Pennsylvania, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Virginia, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Kansas, Arizona.

Don’t let this happen to your state. It IS a Tug-of-War; organizations like the Refugee Council USA are urging their followers to contact their State government and local officials, encouraging them to accept more refugees. Will theirs be the only voices that speak into this important and urgent topic, overshadowing an electorate that chose to remain silent?

NO! Make sure YOUR voice is heard! Let a voice of reason ring in their ears and pray that it resonates in their mind. Use the following links to contact those who are supposed to REPRESENT YOU on the STATE and LOCAL levels. Take time to speak up for your State’s future and the future of your children and grandchildren as well.

Give them one or more of the following messages:

-Tell your elected officials that by agreeing to accept refugees they are agreeing that state and local taxpayers pick up the financial burden (refugees are eligible for all forms of welfare). This should be a federal responsibility.

~Tell your elected officials that we have enough of our own poverty in America and that vulnerable Americans should come first.

~Tell them there are hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers (wannabe refugees) that must be processed first.

~Tell your elected officials that security screening is inadequate and that safety is an issue.

~Tell them that the ‘religious’ ‘charitable’ groups placing those refugees are actually federal contractors who depend on high numbers of refugees to receive their pay from the US Treasury.

~Tell them that the original law created an opportunity for states to opt-in or opt-out that has been ignored for decades.

~Tell them politely about any other concerns you have about the UN program that moves impoverished third worlders to your towns/cities.

Even if your county hasn’t received refugees in the past, it is on their hit list today! Enlist the help of your family and friends to let their voices be heard too.

The contractors are pushing to obtain the approvals by Christmas in order to get their proposals to the State Department by January 21st. Act with urgency; let your voice be heard TODAY!

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