Sheriffs, Security, and a “Welcoming” Warning

By: American Decency Staff


There is a move afoot to scare county sheriffs and prosecutors into becoming sanctuary cities and “Welcoming” counties. The ACLU and the so-called Michigan Immigrations Rights Center sent out a seven page letter.

This is very, very serious business.  The enemy is trying to do an easy hit job (in state after state but this is VIVID HERE AND NOW in Muskegon County) and get the counties and states to become “Welcoming” cities, counties, and states.  You know what that all means.  I believe we need to step it up and help people quickly see through the use of the word “Welcoming.”  After all, how dare we not be welcoming. RIGHT? WRONG!  This is very alarming and people are so naïve to the agenda that is, and has been, unfolding before our very eyes.

Welcoming America doesn’t differentiate between the legal and illegal immigrant, with the express purpose of transforming these welcoming communities into sanctuary communities.

With this also comes the potential to welcome lawlessness, disease, and the weakening of American culture.

How society ought to treat people isn’t always the same as how the law ought to treat them. Be welcoming; but be wary of propaganda designed to circumnavigate the laws that are in place for our protection.

Let me share with you how one man in a local government position is doing his part to protect his community; his name is Zach Lahring.

Zach came to one of our events a couple of years ago longing to engage! He has a farm and beef cattle and a horse that he likes to use to work the cows.  But his main job is being a foreman over a construction group. 

Zach Lahring is an activist who hungered to make a difference.  He believed the Lord tapped him on the shoulder.  It seems very clear that He did. Along the way in his pursuit of God’s plan for him, he prayed a prayer and God put him in as a county commissioner in Muskegon County, a democratic stronghold.

He and his wife, Shawn, also heard Kamal Saleem a few years ago. Shawn shared Christ with a Muslim taxi cab driver in Chicago; the Muslim lady received Christ, moved up with two children, and now lives with Zach and Shawn! Here’s an interview that we did with Shawn and Kamal telling this amazing story.

So here is Zach concerned about not becoming a sanctuary city at the same time reaching out to win a Muslim (and at least one of the kids) to Christ and he and his wife inviting them to come live with their family!!!! 

Counterintuitive to some but not to Zach and Shawn!

His current wrestling match has been in regard to staving off his county from becoming a so-called “Welcoming County” which often becomes affiliated with becoming a sanctuary city/county. 

A sanctuary county or sanctuary city in West Michigan? Unbelievable! San Francisco and Los Angeles, yes. But West Michigan? Though I don’t live in Muskegon County it is only 30 minutes away.

When I heard that the Muskegon County Commissioners were going to be voting on becoming a sanctuary county, I was awakened out of my lethargy on this point of concern. This was a mere three weeks ago.

ADA article: Muskegon and update on sanctuary county.

An example of what’s going on: The Muskegon County Prosecutor is not cooperating with ICE

Zach’s concern is that local police cooperate fully with ICE.  There is a battle going on between those who see what’s behind WELCOMING and those who are all in favor of whatever.

But as you know it isn’t just WELCOMING MICHIGAN.  It’s welcoming Maryland (Montgomery County), as was recently in the news with Michelle Malkin and Tom Fitton standing up there and opposing WELCOMING and all that that portends.

Michigan is being targeted (as I believe many other states are by a letter from the ACLU and the Michigan Immigration Rights Center).

Zach is standing so faithfully and well.  We urge you to become informed about the battles going on in your own local government, pray for Zach Lahring as he stands boldly and consistently, and pray that God will open the eyes of many, that they will understand the direct assault upon America, her laws, and her citizens.

And may there be one, or even numbers of others, who will seek God’s leading and respond to His calling to stand in the gap as Zach is doing.

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