Obey Your Thirst

By: American Decency Staff


Take the following elements: Start with a one and a half minute montage of various family members showing interactive support for their LGBTQ loved ones. Add to that, Argentina’s 28th annual Buenos Aires PRIDE event (Marcha de Orgullo). Now bind all these moments together with the heart-tugging music and lyrics of "You'll Never Walk Alone" from the Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical “Carousel.” Finally, wrap it all up with an encouraging note that says, “Pride: What you feel when someone you love chooses to be happy.” and“You’re not alone.” What does such a mixture get you?

Sprite (Coca-Cola Co.) believes these are the proper ingredients to use in making commercials for Argentina and other Spanish speaking nations. They believe it’s appropriate to normalize—and encourage—the dangerous and destructive lifestyles portrayed by the letter sequence LGBTQ. That’s right; Sprite (Coca-Cola Co.) has taken its catch phrase, “Obey Your Thirst,” and is using it to not only encourage others to satiate their thirst at the poisonous pool of sin, disease, and psychological harm, but is also sending the subtle message that family members who don’t support this self-destructive behavior aren’t loving and kind.

Side note:  Before going on, let me remind you that the harmful effects of these sinful lifestyles are well documented by both pro- and anti-LGBTQ researchers and sources. One of the best resources, I have found to date, that shows such comprehensive documentation is a book written by Mass Resistance. It’s called: The Health Hazards of Homosexuality—What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals.

Emotionally coercing all family members, Sprite (Coca-Cola Co.) included the following tender, supportive moments of various household members helping their gender-confused and homosexual loved ones prepare for this year’s PRIDE event:

The video starts with one mother applying makeup to her son; the next scene focused on a different mom or sister helping her daughter/sister flatten her chest with a binder, so she could appear to be a boy. Who’s helping their grandson get dressed up in his drag queen costume? None other than his dear grandmother, as they laugh together. But let’s not forget the children—so accepting and impressionable—they’re busy painting a rainbow flag for a lesbian relative and her girlfriend. Don’t worry dads, Sprite (Coca-Cola Co.) even included you. The ad ends with a father driving his son to the PRIDE event where he lovingly watches his son and his son’s boyfriend walk hand in hand to the parade. To watch this Sprite ad click here.

It’s obvious that Sprite (Coca-Cola Co.) is trying to sell more than a soft drink; they’re culture warriors trying to convince the public of their “wokeness,” relevance, and that the LGBT lifestyle is not only normal but is to be celebrated. Ask yourself, why out of 1 minute and 35 seconds of air time, would the word “Sprite” only show up for the last 4 seconds? There is no one drinking Sprite; and the couple short cameos Sprite containers made were barely seen. Yet each and every scene boldly promotes the ungodly and harmful lifestyles that are being pushed upon this generation by businesses, politicians, media, schools, and seemingly every facet of our culture—regardless of scientific facts. Don’t buy what they’re selling—a lie!

If this soft-drink company cared more about its customer base than about the base feelings of its customers, they would just sell soft drinks instead of normalizing sin and its dangers. If Sprite really cared, it would warn and educate, not prey on the emotions of a people who insist that others applaud and promote their lifestyle choices. Why does the Coca-Cola Company only present the Pride dream instead of warning about the real nightmare that accompanies this choice? The dangers are physical, emotional, and spiritual—they are real!

In light of all this, as Activist Mommy asks, “do you want to continue to support companies who subtly render you ‘hateful’ just for opposing the dangerous and harmful LGBT lifestyle?

Whenever I see Sprite’s slogan—“Obey your thirst!”—I think of Jesus’ words to those He was preaching to during what is commonly known today as The Sermon on the Mount. “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” We will either chase after our own lustful desires, continuing to hunger and thirst; or we will long after Christ’s holiness and have our thirst satisfyingly quenched!

That is the message that loving and supportive friends and families will speak into the lives of those who are lost and confused. That is the message that will bring healing and hope by the grace of God. As Chicks on the Right wrote, “You can show your kids you love them and that they aren’t alone without condoning everything they want to do. In fact, real love for your children demands it.

Real love – and real parenting – means guiding confused kids when they are feeling alone and vulnerable. It means loving them enough to provide them with stability and moral boundaries. It means you teach them not to cave to whatever the world – or a soft drink company – says is okay.”

Share truth AND grace with these confused souls.

This isn’t Sprite/Coke’s first foray in embracing and normalizing harmful lifestyles while subtly attacking those who recognize the danger that these deceived men, women, and children put themselves in.

We all agree that bullying is wrong; but so is promoting any harmful lifestyle, especially to sell a few more cans of a soft-drink. This company isn’t promoting adultery, pedophilia, theft, or other “lifestyle” choices; they are taking advantage of a current cultural deviancy which has found acceptance among the masses to increase their bottom line. Should one choose to watch it, the Sprite (Coca-Cola Co.) “I love you, haters” commercial can be found here.

Here’s a two minute campaign description where Coca-Cola literally changed the culture by taking a derogatory phrase (regarding homosexuality) and morphing it into something positive almost overnight. This Coke LGBTQ product propaganda campaign was launched on International LGBT Pride Day. I was surprised by this one; watch it here.

There are others; but you get the idea. This company is NOT Christian friendly and not family friendly either, in that they are promoting lifestyles to our children and grandchildren that are scientifically proven to be harmful.

Some may feel compelled to take a personal stand and say, “No more Coke products for me,” that would entail a lot of products. Others may choose to stay away from just Sprite and Coke. Although such personal choices may not affect a big corporation like the Coca-Cola Company, it makes a change in those who do stand. It strengthens one’s resolve for other issues later, and may be a personal ground from which another attack against evil might be launched at a later time.

Regardless of what one chooses to do, I urge you to contact Sprite and Coca-Cola.

*  Tell them that their ads demean those family members who, while not condoning these actions, continue to love those who are deceived by the LGBTQ lifestyle. 

*  Let them know that there is scientific evidence that shows the harm these lifestyles cause to the individual (both physically and emotionally). The evidence is the same from those on either side of the issue.

*  Urge them to stop being social engineers just so they can sell more soda.

Contact Sprite by email here.

Contact Coke:
by phone:  800-438-2653
write a letter: The Coca-Cola Company; P.O. Box 1734; Atlanta, GA 30301, USA
email:  here

I compel each of our readers to sign the petition, from Life Petitions, which “demands that the Coca-Cola Company pulls this outrageous teen-trans ad, and stops its attempt to sexually corrupt Argentina by pushing teenage transgenderism and homosexuality.” Click here to sign the petition which was launched just yesterday (11-13-19); I was number 77!

What do you hunger and thirst after? When you hunger for holiness and thirst for righteousness, obey your thirst! That obedience will be different for each one of us; but it will be action. It will include a further distancing oneself from evil and a drawing closer to Christ and His ways. Each person is either filled or continues to search for things which won’t satisfy—until they drink from the well of living water.

It’s a privilege to bring salt and light to our readers. Some get our emails or visit our webpage, others our newsletters, and some learn from us through FaceBook. We are grateful that people read our articles expecting to be educated, stirred, and exhorted to act. Although we enjoy what we do, it takes finances to research, write, and share the truth with others on the scale that we do. It would be a boost to us if you would show your appreciation for us through financial means and supportive prayer at this time. Thank you.  

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