Believe me you’re needed

By: American Decency Staff


A former board member wrote the following words in recent days:  “Believe me, you’re needed…

Those words mean a lot to me as she is a precious, elderly, dear friend who holds God highly and is burdened for righteousness and holiness in our land, as she knows we are.

I have been referred to before as a “junk yard dog.”  Case in point, when I hear that a city or a state or a Christian School had substituted  “Indigenous People’s Day,” for Columbus Day my heart saddens.  I feel a great need to address it.  I find it very difficult to let it go.  Thus, “junk yard dog.”  I get burdened over the long term implications of any school, city, state, etc going in that direction.  See? I’m still chewing on it!

Here’s another one from recent months:  the Down syndrome drag queen “show” in Grand Rapids.  Without rehashing all of the ins and outs of this, we stood against this with email alerts to sponsors, to Artprize and DisArt and foundations and businesses, and we paid just shy of $5,000 to place a full page ad in the Grand Rapids Press.  A Calvin University professor who was a co-chair of DisArt was largely responsible for bringing in handicapped people from London to “perform” in drag. How outrageous and how sad!  Yet, the defenders used bogus arguments that being a Drag Queen was artistic and that the Down syndrome performers were “all in” on performing. The Calvin (a Christian university!) professor stepped down.

Many of you highly regard our “fight,” our love for Christ, our stand for Christ, our dogged faithfulness – with your help. We are needed to stand against this kind of darkness.   Many others are as well.     You are also hearing from politicians  who are worthy of being supported (there are some) and they are needed as well!      

Your help is needed in these days.  My challenge to you is – please give whatever you can, AND, here is a particular request!   We are seeking 200 people to give a gift of $200 in the days ahead.  With that amount and whatever numbers others can assist with, we will be strengthened to go deep into November with much needed undergirding that will help set the pace for a strong finish for the year.  

Your gift and your words encourage us in knowing, so personally, what our ministry means to you!  

Bless you and thank you for truly going to God with this need and seeking what He would have you do! 

There may be a few of you that can support us with a little more than usual at this point in time.  Spiritual warfare in our nation is growing hotter by the day. You know that too!

All of you know that with the presidential election coming up next year it is going to be a very harsh year on many fronts.  

We are calling out to you to prayerfully seek God and ask Him if we are one of the organizations that He, at this time, would have you stand with!   Your gift of any amount is deeply appreciated.


Here are a few other recent notes: 

We were finished for 2019 in our contributions, but your recent letter made me put pen to check.  I have a niece and nephew at Calvin.  A niece in Art Prize.  Found it political.  I have had my disagreements with Calvin for years going back to their stand on creation.  B – October 2019

Dear Bill:
You have been a mighty warrior, my friend, against the evil. Don and I thank you and admire you and your staff so much for your faithfulness.  ….
D and J (Flint area) – October 2019

Bill and friends,
A quick note to let you all know how much we appreciate what you do.  We continue to keep you all in our prayers daily.  God bless you all.
Chris and Carol, Midland, MI –  October 2019

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