Are You Ready Come What May?

By: American Decency Staff

When I was a teen the question was often asked of us at church, “What would you do if communism came here and Christianity became illegal? What would you do if you could no longer have your Bible?” At that time, hardly anyone would imagine that those questions would ever become a reality in our beloved United States of America.

I wonder, have our readers recently considered not only the real possibility of these things; but also, how they could/should be preparing themselves and their families for such a day—come what may?

Anyone paying even a modicum of attention to the political scene recognizes that we’ve come a long way from the nation that our founding fathers had turned over to us. However, most people seem to look at things only from a political and financial point of view, not recognizing that the main thrust of communism/socialism strikes at a nation’s religious liberty. A government that is overcome by communist/socialist principles is a government that attempts to dethrone God, setting itself up in His stead.

My family has been reading a true story based in communist Romania. It’s a book that was written by Virginia Prodan, recounting her life—the search for truth and how that affected her life after becoming a Christian. The following excerpt is from “Saving My Assassin” by Virginia Prodan. Copyright © 2016.  Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, a Division of Tyndale House Ministries. All rights reserved. It takes place only a month after Virginia became a Christian. She was asked the following questions from a pastor who had been imprisoned for his faithfulness to the gospel. How would you or I respond to the following excerpt?


Constantin stood next to me. For a while no one talked.
“I heard you accepted Christ last month,” he finally said.
“Yes, I did.”
“Being a Christian is special; we are children of God, the Creator of heaven,” he continued. “But the Christian life is not necessarily easy.”

I looked at him. I had no idea what he was talking about. I was happy to be a Christian. I had finally found the truth, and in my mind, that made everything much easier.

Then he continued. “I was the pastor of this church many years back, when the Securitate pointed their guns at us and demanded that we renounce Christ or go to jail and die. Then we heard the church doors lock behind us.

‘“Choose your side now!’ one of the officers screamed. ‘If you are for Christ, move to the left, and we will take you to jail immediately. But if you want to become a Communist, move to the right, and we will give you paperwork to sign.’

“I watched in terror as many of my brothers and sisters betrayed Christ that day,” he continued. “Fearing for their lives, they moved to the right and signed the papers. A few of us, including myself, were taken. I spent five years in jail. After I was released, I was allowed to have a job again, but only as a janitor.”

He looked at the ground, and his voice was barely audible. “Some of the others who were jailed with me didn’t survive. Two of my brothers in Christ died in that jail from beatings and starvation.” He paused for a moment before continuing.

“Nastase Albu was appointed as the new pastor by the government. We all suspected him of working with the Securitate. Because of him, many members of our church were arrested, and others left the church. Still other church members cooperated with the Securitate and served as spies. Those they did not like were eventually jailed or killed.

“Albu eventually moved on, and today, many of us have once again returned to this church.” He looked up at me. “As a member of this church, how would you respond if you were asked to make that choice? Would you remain with Christ or become a Communist? Would you judge or forgive your brothers and sisters if they betrayed Christ? Virginia,” he concluded, “how would you prepare yourself for a day like that?”

He stared me straight in the eye.

Surely that was a long time ago, I reasoned with myself. That was a different time. Something like that could never happen again—could it?

I knew Constantin was waiting for my answers, not my questions.

How would I prepare myself for a day like that?

I didn’t have an answer for him—or myself, for that matter.

I had come a long way since accepting Christ. But clearly, I still had a long way to go. (End of excerpt)


Socialism has gained a foothold here with its empty promises and false claims. It has an appeal to those who ignore the truth of history and to those who refuse to look to tomorrow. Virginia Prodan grew up in communism; many others have also, and having escaped are giving a word of warning to us in the citizens of the United States. Too often this clarion call falls on deaf ears, a warning gone unheeded. We dare not fall into the trap of believing that ignorance is bliss.

If one listens to the political proponents of socialism/communism, it’s easy to see that they mean business. If they get in power, things are likely to move and change very quickly. Be aware and be prepared.

The dangers of communism are real; they affect a nation fiscally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It promises wealth and ease but it delivers poverty and hardship. It paints a rosy picture; but those who have lived it feel only the thorns. It takes God out of the picture, replacing man as savior; yet where communism has been tried, the savior-man becomes the dictator, the tyrant, and the oppressor. Man loses moral restraint, morale and purpose decline, and death reigns.

Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, He is the true Savior.  He IS the way, the truth, and the life. What communism/socialism steals from men and nations Christ returns to those who humbly bow to Him. Moral restraint isn’t necessary because men respond rightly out of love for God and man. Joy increases, even in the midst of sorrow, for the Kingdom of Heaven has brought us purpose. Life reigns; because, in Christ, death has been overcome. Even when bodily death comes to the believer he has only been set free to join his Savior, Jesus, face to face.

Dear reader, do you know Jesus as Savior? If not, I urge you to come to Him. If so, ask yourself: What will you do when faced with communist oppression? Will you be able to forebear and forgive when wronged? Are you preparing yourself come what may?

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