A Christ Centered Answer to Healthcare Questions

By: American Decency Staff

Have you ever been frustrated by the inefficiencies of our healthcare system? Have you received medical bills and wondered how a simple doctor’s visit could be so expensive? Maybe you’ve wished you could speak directly to your doctor without having to deal with waiting rooms and registration desks, or wished that the time you do have wasn’t so rushed. Maybe you’ve heard, as I have, of Christian doctors who chose their line of work as a form of ministry who are now being discouraged from sharing their faith or praying with their patients.

ADA wants to introduce you to a ministry that offers solutions to all of those problems on January 25th. Dr. Ted VanderKooi will share how he is using his skill as a surgeon to help his patients and bring glory to God. Along with Dr. VanderKooi will be the founder of an organization which he works with: Mark Blocher of the Christian Healthcare Center.

After twenty-five years as a nationally known author and bioethicist, Mr. Blocher knew the ins and outs of the insurance-based healthcare industry. He knew its weakness, and he had a burden to present a stronger, Christ-centric alternative.

We invite you to come hear about what this surgeon and bioethicist are a part of and what they have in mind for the future, not only to better provide for the needs of the church, but to spread the gospel while they do it!

There is no cost for this event and there will be no pressure to sign up for anything. It will simply be a clear explanation of the problems that anyone who’s been involved with the healthcare industry lately can see, as well as a practical, Christian answer to it.

We are excited about the information, possibilities, and opportunities that organizations like the Christian Healthcare Center can offer. We hope to see you here at the American Decency Association, 203 E Main St, on Friday, January 25 at 7 PM! Bring a friend!

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