SI Swimsuit: Get it out of here!

By: American Decency Staff


This ministry was founded due to my burden regarding the damaging impact of pornography.  Yes.  Pornography.  You know – that silent victimizer? 

Oh some would say – it is victimless.   Anyone with a degree of honor and honesty knows differently!

I wonder how many even reading this now are cringing at the mere mention of pornography.  Far more than I can even imagine – I’ll bet!

I find that though I personally rarely comment upon pornography these days, it is still at the center core of my calling into this ministry back in 1985 as a volunteer and then full-time in 1988. 

Now here we are again.  It’s February and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is back out on the magazine rack. 

This ought not to be.  Within the hour or so, I’m going out to our local Walgreens and Rite Aid to express my indignation that these two stores here locally are carrying them.  If they don’t pull them, we’ll put together a petition to give others the opportunity to express their righteous indignation. 

I have counseled people over the years and even very recently – trying to hold their marriages together after a husband has betrayed his wife via pornography!   Even a couple in their eighties – and, boy are they hurting that this battle still has not been conquered.

Wives betrayed by their husbands living with sorrows far beyond what you could even imagine.

Is pornography via Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue being sold now at your local shopping center? 

This ought not to be.  Rite Aid and Walgreens – where some of you spend a lot of money buying prescriptions and health aids – and here they are betraying family shoppers by selling smut that degrades and diminishes husbands, wives and families. 

They can do better.   Please take a copy up to the manager and say “How can you in good conscience sell this trash?” 

I’ll let you know how my visits went.  Don’t hold your breath.  I’ll do what I can.  Will you too?

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