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The Bible is under siege; its authority is being attacked from every sector of our society, and has been for quite some time now. Is the Bible really the Word of God? Even if not asked aloud, this question is being asked by the lives of those who walk contrary to the authority of Holy Scripture. Why is there such a temptation to deviate from it and cling to the secular answers—answers that are constantly shifting?

We believe that AFA’s newest documentary—The God Who Speaks—will reignite your passion for the authenticity and authority of the Word of God.  This documentary challenges us to live as if God truly does speak! Because He does!

This enjoyable 90 minute documentary includes beautiful scenery and well-respected men of God who love His Word and are apologists for its authority and authenticity. Listen as these teachers proclaim the TRUTH that God really does reveal Himself through the Bible. What does that even mean for us?

To study the Word of God is to study God Himself; it’s a daunting task. This film brings us face to face with fact and inextricably drives us to the question, “How then must we live?”

To hear a six-minute clip where Janet Mefferd interviews M.D. Perkins on some of these things, click here.

Listen to M.D. Perkins being interviewed on Airing The Addisons, as the host gets it and proclaims, “I get excited…He speaks, M.D., our God speaks. Like, He is alive and He is still speaking to us. I mean, we are talking about the Word of God; we’re talking about the Book that we read, but that also reads us and shows us who we are.” This is a lively interview which, like this documentary, shows honor to the Word of God, stands boldly on its authenticity and authority, and recognizes the attacks upon the Bible in our society today. Within this exchange we also find out how AFA chose the men they did for this amazing project.

Click here to listen to director M.D. Perkins and American Family Association President Tim Wildmon talk about this film on Dr. James Dobson’s show—Family Talk.

Invite your friends, family, and church to join you. What a great way to start a discussion about trusting in and living by the Bible. We look forward to seeing you at American Decency (203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI) on March 16 at 1 & 7 PM.

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