No winning without fighting

By: American Decency Staff


A friend responded to my email article from yesterday Larry Nassar could have been stopped.

“Well done brother in Christ and friend!!! This story so very sad and needless. Satan is so cunning:  roaring lion, huh?!”  Referencing Larry Nassar, child pornography, and abusing and damaging so many dear young ladies.

Satan is so cunning?  Roaring lion?   I absolutely agree.  There is spiritual warfare.   The war is real and the war is every day. 

Is it just a cliché?  No!

I was addicted to pornography in my  late teens and early twenties.  I know of that life. 

I became a Christian when I was 22-years-old. 

I knew that looking at trash was not a good thing.  Becoming a Christian sealed it with me.  It was like, “How can I say I love God and look at this stuff?”

When I got married, my conscience spoke similarly to me.  How can you say you love your wife and yet have your thoughts into this godless trash?

So the fight was on.  God is greater and through Him I began to win the battle!  It is winnable!  I know.  The battle was won day after day after day by treasuring Christ and my wife and looking away and seeing the trash as the enemy. 

There are wives who are hurting because their husband looks at dirty things.   Don’t ever get comfortable with it.  Never. 

Guys:  You can win the victory but not without fighting the fight. 
Call me if you want to talk.   Here’s my number 231-924-4050.

I can at least point you in a direction or two to consider. 

May God help those men and women to not put this off but to engage.


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Mr. Coughlin “earned recognition as the Pentagon’s leading expert on the Islamic-based doctrines motivating jihadi groups that confront America. He came into demand as a trainer and lecturer at leading commands and senior service staff institutions, including the National Defense University, the Army and Navy War Colleges, the Marine Corps-Quantico, the State Department, and the FBI. So effective were his presentations that some in the special operations community dubbed them “Red Pill” briefings, a reference to an iconic scene in The Matrix. It’s an apt metaphor: once the facts and doctrines are properly explained and understood, there is no going back.” (taken from the back of Catastrophic Failure—a book that was banned by the Obama administration.)

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