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By: American Decency Staff


This past weekend we experienced firsthand briefings from a couple of truth-telling watchmen on the wall. The weather was cold and snowy but God brought Stephen Coughlin and Dick Manasseri to our “What Cost Freedom?” event with warm and passion-filled messages. After the event people crowded around these men with questions and also spoke amongst themselves about the messaging that they had just heard.

As I said in an earlier email, you’ll want to order the DVDs of this event. If you were there, you know there was too much information to take in and process all in one sitting. It needs to be listened to, thought about, and listened to again.

As Bill introduced Dick Manasseri, he gave warning that even though we are on this side of the state, we must not forget that the things we were about to hear are happening in THIS state. Dick comes from the southeast part of the state (coined “Sharia-ville”) and really does find himself in the center of a Sharia-influenced, Islamic-laden society. He has watched the transformation of his area and warns that, with what is on the internet today, we all live in “Sharia-ville.”

He was careful to point out that he had nothing against Muslims; the problem is with Sharia. His desire is for law enforcement and others to understand that only 15% of Sharia law (that which governs the Islamic faith) is protected by the Constitution’s First Amendment. Only 15% of Sharia is religious; the other 85% is political and runs contrary to American law.

Mr. Manasseri went on to describe several of the atrocities that take place in the other 85% of Sharia, explaining that they are crimes against women and girls. Some of the things he mentioned were FGM, honor killings, child brides (pedophilia), polygamy, and no-fault rape to name a few. He spoke of the oppression that women as property and second-class citizens have to go through. At Bill’s request, he spoke of the oppression of the hijab and how that affects the society in which we live when understood correctly. He explained that not every Muslim man was like this; but, that according to Sharia, any uncovered woman (no hijab) was fair game for sexual harassment and for sexual crimes to be committed against her.

God has placed Dick in situations to better understand how our law enforcement at the highest levels has been compromised. Not only has the FBI and other agencies had Islamic identifiers scrubbed but they are also working for the furtherance of Islamic acceptance and normalization. He told of attending a meeting with the head of the FBI (southeastern region Michigan), Muslim Brotherhood, a brand new U.S. attorney just appointed by Jeff Sessions, policemen and the Mayor of Troy, and others. In this meeting a presenter for the FBI came into this meeting and taught a misleading definition of “jihad” and “Allahu Akbar.”

Get the event set to hear the definitions this FBI agent tried to peddle to an unsuspecting audience. Watch these DVDs to learn more about “Sharia Crime Stoppers” and how you can get involved in making a difference for the safety of Michigan and the protection of those you love.

Our next speaker was Stephen Coughlin; he’s a man who was dragged into becoming a student of jihad and Islamic-based terrorism, somewhat against his will. He wasn’t looking for it; but it found him and he has embraced it, becoming one of the top men in his field. With such a wealth of information to draw from and the ability to communicate on any level, we were blessed to have him present the dangers we face, explain how we got to where we are, and then taking the webs of deceit and false narratives, brushing them all aside, and pointing us to the truth.

He aptly started his presentation with a scene from Star Trek where Guinan is on the bridge of the Enterprise and everything shifts to a different universe but she’s the only one to recognize it and realizes, “We’re not supposed to be here.” As we recognize what this country is supposed to be and where we’re actually at, we might say, “We’re not supposed to be here.

Steve pointed out that change is a progressive agenda, asking, “What are they hoping to change?” The answer is YOU!

He masterfully tied the Marxist/Communist, Islamic, and Left together and showed how the political Right has fallen in almost lock-step with them. He showed the dangers of this and challenged us to examine what he just said over the next several months and see if it is true. If it is, he then called us to change our way of viewing things. You’ll want to watch the DVD to see how we have been brought to only two choices now: Constitutionalism or Cultural Marxism. What will you do with the politicians you have elected?

Maj. Coughlin (ret.) talked about the importance of definitions and also recognizing that some of these definitions have been aimed at us for many, many, years. Tolerance, political correctness, diversity, these and other words are not only meant to destroy our society and divide our nation, it’s aimed to destroy our faith.

Perhaps one of the most eye-opening portions of this presentation was when Steve showed slides and talked about al-Qaida’s timeline for establishing its influence around the world and in the United States. He mentioned the phases and told how they have been accomplished. By the way, they are right on schedule.

Compare this to the fact that in 2014 Maj. Gen. Michael Nagata (Special Operations) said, “We do not understand the movement, and until we do, we are not going to defeat it . . . We have not defeated the idea. We do not even understand the idea” and one begins to understand what a vulnerable position we are really in.

A good portion of Stephen Coughlin’s presentation was on political warfare and he gave a good foundation for understanding it and what is going on. He made sure to point out that even in political warfare, spiritual warfare is present.

There is a wealth of information that I can’t even begin to share with you here. So order the DVD set of our “What Price Freedom?” conference and become informed, share this information with others, and get involved!  You can order this set by going to the store on our website or emailing Kimberly at kimberly@americandecency.org.

We have several important future events lined up. I would like to add a word here about our events. They don’t just happen by chance; we seek the Spirit’s leading for each one. Bill Johnson, president and founder of American Decency, doesn’t take any of the materials we put out lightly (email alerts, decency minutes, events, anything we do). He spends time in prayer over each event and speaker we have. He is constantly “grinding out” what God would have him to do and the people God would have him bring in, to speak into your lives. He is faithful to the Lord’s leading. I believe that is why, when things don’t go quite as planned (like a snow storm or speakers, at the last minute, not being able to come), that Bill is able to take it in patient stride and that God always shows Himself faithful at these events.

That being said, I urge you to write these dates on your calendar and invite others to join you at these upcoming  events:

·         March 23 at 7:00 PM—“Protect Young Eyes”

·         April 27 at 7:00 PM in Fremont—William Federer

·         April 28 at 9 AM in Grand Rapids—William Federer

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