IF Only I had known…

By: American Decency Staff


Please excuse my bluntness but I care too much to not say something. I have asked the American Decency Association to publish this account without using my name for the protection of my family and my child.

We, as parents, have a huge responsibility to protect the young eyes of our children and teens, from the evils and dangers of this digital age. I know that the internet and its helpful tools are often used for good; but no one can deny that there’s a dark side to the internet and it can be used for terrible wickedness. I also know that parents think they’ve prepared their teens by teaching them what the Bible says about various topics, warning them about pornography, and impressing upon them the importance of purity. Some parents even think they’ve done all they can do by installing filters upon their child’s various devices. And I know that there are some parents who take the time to talk with their children about their internet usage and give regular warnings.

I know that many parents have done all they can to build a trusting relationship with their child and want to believe all that they are told. I know about those parents…I was one.

I urge you to attend the Protect Young Eyes event on Friday, March 23 at 7 PM. The American Decency Association is hosting it (203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI), because they care about you and your children. There are only 135 seats available for this important conference; register now to be assured that you are able to attend and learn how to protect your children in this digital age.

I know the devastation a parent feels when they find out that pornography has gripped their child and pulled them into dangerous situations and lifestyles. I know the helplessness a parent feels as their precious child makes contact with strangers, having neither respect for themselves nor their family. I know that regardless of what you have done right, you feel like you should have done more. It affects not only dad and mom, but it affects the siblings as well. I know that I needed to be better informed. I know that when I felt uncomfortable, I should’ve trusted my gut rather than my child. I know that I wish I would’ve known about an organization like Protect Young Eyes and attended one of their events early on. Maybe, just maybe, we could’ve avoided a lot of heartache, pain, and sleepless nights.

Protect Young Eyes (PYE) warns, “Parents must be active and aggressive and be on the offense if we want to protect our children from digital dangers.” They have seen the importance of starting as early as kindergarten.

One of the things which make PYE such a unique resource is their realization of the spiritual battle which is taking place on the digital battlefields. We do what we do “because I believe that technology is the number one impact on the spiritual formation of our young people today. Therefore, we must speak truth into that formation so that it’s directed toward God and not Google.”

Chris McKenna (PYE) knows of the battle firsthand. “I know the tempting, devious, sneaky pull of technology because I’ve lived it. I’m a guy who had all the tools in my belt—a believer, a father, a youth pastor; I knew the Word; I knew what Christ did for me, yet still I was powerless against pornography. So what chance do 12-year-old boys have? What chance do 16-year-old girls have when they are asked to send a nude photo in order to get a first kiss? What chance do our kids have to know what to do if we don’t teach them in the digital age?

I urge youto clear whatever plans you have for Friday, March 23 at 7 PM. For your own peace of mind and for your child’s sake, register now, bring a friend, and come to the American Decency building in Fremont. You will find answers to many, many questions, and answers to questions you didn’t even think to ask.

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