Economic Warfare and YOU!

By: American Decency Staff


What’s the result of bringing a deeply spiritual storyteller who disseminates political and economic knowledge, carefully woven with Biblical and spiritual wisdom, to two separate locations in one weekend?The answer is, you get an American Decency event unlike any other we’ve offered to date.

One might expect a message on economics and politics to be dry and/or unintelligible. That was not the case as we brought economic analyst Kevin Freeman to Fremont (Friday night) and to Holland (Saturday morning). We were blessed with a good crowd, good questions, and a spiritual/political message masterly interwoven together. But it didn’t stop there; Kevin clearly spelled out the importance of recognizing both God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility in these matters as well.

Kevin began his presentation by sharing some divine appointments that helped him get his feet wet and under him in the economic world. He also introduced us to his topic by telling a little known history about “The Miracle of Dunkirk.” Right away people were drawn into the message as he showed how each of us are to be little ships which God could use to make a big difference.

From there Mr. Freeman went on to tell us 5 stories from his program Economic War Room, to help us understand what is at stake in this country. He made it very clear that although this is an economic war, it’s first and foremost a spiritual war.  Click here to sign up for his program at a discounted price on CRTV. Go to to see his latest videos, read his newest articles, and get good advice.

In the first of these stories, he shared how China has not only put themselves into a political/economic position against the United States, but also, they are in a position to hurt the population of the United States medically. Most medications made in the U.S. have a Chinese ingredient in them. Should China decide to stop supplying us with these ingredients, it would bring death to thousands of people in a short period of time.

The next story we were told was about the threat to the stock market. A stock market crash generally ends up with a switch of power from one party to the other, and there are those who are not only hoping for a crash but have the ability to make that happen. Kevin shared several interesting facts and stories surrounding the market and how it is influenced.

This particularly should concern us regarding the upcoming midterm elections. What worries, according to Kevin Freeman? 1) Socialism 2) Impeachment 3) Rollback of tax cuts/deregulation to name a few. Kevin not only gives warnings, he gives practical solutions of things we can do.

The third story that he told was about our national debt and the dollar. He explained why our debt path is unsustainable and compared the path we are on to that of Venezuela.

Story number four is the American energy revolution. He talked about fracking and about Russian attempts to influence U.S. domestic energy markets by exploiting social media.

The fifth story dealt with the threat of socialism and included an interview with Col. Allen West.

By now, some may want to know more about these stories and Kevin’s solutions. What are his battle plans for these dangers which are at hand? What can I do for the good of my country, the good of my family, and if one is a Christian—for the glory of God?

If you attended, maybe you want a refresher on it; if you weren’t able to attend, here’s your opportunity to find out. Call Kimberly at 231-924-4050 or email her at to purchase a DVD copy of this remarkable event for $10.(It will take us about 2 weeks to produce it, but you can order yours toady.)

Please encourage young adults to watch this; it will affect them and their future. This is important information for you, your children and grandchildren, your friends, family, and church. Watch it, discuss it, and share it!

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