Is it just coincidence?

By: American Decency Staff


Is it just coincidence?

Some of you may know of Garrison Keillor as the founder of PBS’ “Prairie Home Companion,” which was a radio broadcast that was created in 1974 and ran into 2016. 

“Garrison Keillor (75), one of the nation’s most lauded humorists, was fired Wednesday by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of “inappropriate behavior” that occurred while he was in charge of “A Prairie Home Companion,” his long-running variety show heard nationwide by millions every week.”
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Keillor is one now in a long line of those who have been fired in recent days in regard to inappropriate sexual behavior.

What am I referring to when I ask the question “Is it just coincidence?”

Back in 1990, Keillor was assisting the pornography industry, mysteriously(at the time) rallying Michiganders to oppose obscenity legislation that our ministry had been working feverishly to pass

Legislation had been diligently written.  Anti-pornography legislative hearings were taking place.  There had been a massive pro-decency rally at the state capitol in Lansing.  In other words, we were on the move.   

And, then one day, a friend asked me if I knew that movie theaters were systematically showing a 60-second, professionally created video spot featuring, you guessed it, Garrison Keillor. Keillor was rallying the listening audience to oppose our proposed obscenity legislation, claiming that this Michigan legislation was all about “censorship.”  He was urging movie-goers to sign a petition opposing the anti-pornography initiative at the popcorn stand (or ticket booth) and that these petitions would be presented to some designated legislative leadership leading the way in opposition to the legislation. 

These Garrison Keillor ads were running in movie theaters throughout Michigan. Keillor wasn’t even from Michigan!

At the time, Keillor’s defense of pornography and licentiousness did not make sense, but this news of his firing brings clarity. It is easy to defend what you are familiar with.

One last point that I feel compelled to mention. 

It is the height of lunacy, stupidity,  and hypocrisy that as one reads news articles online –  describing the sexual trysts of this growing number of individuals as Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, U.S. Senator Al Franken (Minnesota), Congressman Conyers (Michigan); that as you move down the page – wham! – right there are pictures of women in sexual poses – shapely bodies in an advertisement often having nothing to do with the product they are promoting!

What a disconnect!  So on the one hand we lament, even castigate (rightly) those sexual abusers and harassers and yet in the next breath we put sexual fodder out for both the innocent and the lustful.

Is it any wonder?

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