We Must Come to Terms… “Advent”ually

By: American Decency Staff


Joy to the world,” everyone is looking for a “silent night” with “peace on earth, goodwill to men,” but many from the interfaith dialogue movement and those from the Left who only desire these things by means of having their own way, need to recognize a very important fact: There is only real joy in Jesus, He is the only true comfort during those silent or noisy nights, and there is no real peace or goodwill to men, except through the Prince of Peace, Jesus the Christ.

Douglas Kindschi, director of the Kaufman Interfaith Institute, started his December 8th article this way: 

As a Christian, I am finding this year’s season of Advent, leading up to Christmas, a challenging time given the tensions of the political discourse.

At a time when I should be looking to celebrate the coming of the ‘Prince of Peace,’ I am worried about the increased incidence of hate speech and hate crimes. I am concerned about the call for rejecting refugees and the suggestions about registering all Muslims.

These issues are also of concern in other communities worried about the increasing Islamophobia.”

While ignoring the very real threat of radical Islam and civilization jihad, most from this movement, and so many from the Left, continue to perpetuate—even if unintentionally—the dangers and hatred they claim to abhor. They do this by making voices of caution and reason look to be hatred and unreasonableness.

Couldn’t Mr. Kindschi, following Christ’s direction, be more positive during this season of hope, saying something like this?

“Even with the political discourse being what it is, what a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel truth of peace, both with those whom I agree and disagree. It’s no more challenging than at any other time of year; but with the celebration of the Prince of Peace, it’s an open door and an acceptable time.”

Unfortunately, the interfaith dialogue movement doesn’t allow for the presentation of the gospel; although they don’t mind the Muslim sharing about Allah and misusing the Christian’s Bible.

Let’s look at Mr. Kindschi’s other concerns. He’s worried about the increase of “hate speech and hate crimes”. There seem to be many such incidents which are inflicted by those under the Koran’s teaching regarding the infidel.  What about the recent murder of the Russian ambassador, where the assailant shouted, “Allahu akbar” and “We are those who have given a pledge of allegiance to Muhammad that we will carry on jihad.” What about a terrorist driving a semi-truck into a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring at least 48 others? What about these continual attacks against the “infidel”, where the assailant had appeared to be a very safe and friendly person? While extending our hand of friendship are we to close our eyes to potential harms?

Before we go on, let me be very clear. I am NOT calling for the hating or rejecting of Muslims; but neither should we ignore the potential for danger. Why is it so hard to encourage people to be accepting yet still be aware and use common sense?

Mr. Kindschi was also concerned about “rejecting refugees” and “the suggestions about registering all Muslims.Take a look at Germany!The number of reported violent assaults and sexual assaults, in Germany from these refugees, are in the tens of thousands. Most of us have seen reports of refugee violence in Germany either on the news or online. Shouldn’t precautions be taken when we see a 90 year old German woman raped on her way home from church by a Muslim refugee? Or when a 72 year old woman is on her deathbed after being unable to recover due to the trauma of being violently raped by a Muslim migrant? When we have the example of Merkel’s mistake of an open door policy which resulted in 70,000 crimes being committed or attempted by migrants, shouldn’t we pay attention and heed the warning?

When President-elect Trump calls for extreme vetting and a refusal to let the Trojan horse in the city until it can be checked out thoroughly, the Left calls it Islamophobia. Many on the Right would say it is common sense. What is best for this country—AND peaceful Muslims—is to not import more violent adherents to Islam. After all, an influx of radical Islamists would make it more difficult for those Muslims who wish to live at peace in our communities, and increase the potential of violence to the citizens of this nation.

As for the “suggestions about registering all Muslims,” this is a statement taken out of context and void of substance. It’s one of those things used to push forward their agenda and “show” a justification of hatred for those who do not agree with them. The same can be said about Kindschi’s use of the word “Islamophobia.” It is not an irrational fear (-phobia) to proceed with caution. It is not an irrational fear to look out for your nation’s best interest.  It is not an irrational fear when there are a great number of Islamists who wish to do this world harm.

How can Mr. Kindschi claim to love his neighbor as himself (as a Christian is called to do) when he ignores the real threat of Islamic violence that has been perpetuated time and again throughout the world and even in this nation? How can he claim to love his Muslim brother while he encourages an increase of radical and violent Muslims whose actions negatively impact the perception of all Muslims? Most importantly, how can he claim to love the Muslim while being silent in regards to their soul?

Now, back to this season of advent.

Why must we refuse to be silent during this holiday or any day, regarding the truth about Jesus, the Messiah? Because although Christmas—the First Advent—is when we celebrate His coming as the Lamb of God, “advent”ually Jesus—the Lion of Judah—is coming again. This time He’s coming to judge all the earth—The Second Advent. Why must we insist on telling the bad news of sin and herald the great news of Jesus, who came to save His people from their sin? Because eventually each of us will stand before Him as our Judge and King.

Christmas and New Years is a good time for self-examination. We must evaluate ourselves. Do we allow fear and hatred to overrule the peace of God which is to rule in our hearts? Do we love all men? Are we saved, has the Spirit changed us?Puritan John Owen can help us with the answer to that question.

It (regeneration) brings spiritual life, light, holiness, righteousness, and the expulsion of the contrary, in bred, habitual principle of sin and enmity against God. This alone enables true acts of holy obedience…Regeneration and reformation are inseparable.”

Jesus came to bring peace on earth and goodwill toward men. It was in His coming, living a holy life, dying, and his resurrection that made this possible. In the midst of much turmoil and chaos, in these times of hatred and division, let us love with the love of Jesus. We must love our fellowman enough to lovingly confront falsehood and to share with him the truth of salvation. Let us love with our arms AND our eyes wide open.

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