Strengthen Us for the Fight!

By: American Decency Staff


These are difficult days for all of us.  We count it a great privilege to be able to minister in His mighty name and to have friends who enable us to stay in the battle. 

Your help is needed to strengthen us in the fight.  Will you stand with us? 

Below are just a few encouraging notes we’ve received from some of our supporters.  Please join with them to empower our efforts.

We want to thank you for all of the information you’ve given over the past years.  Without your godly insight we would have been blindsided by many falsehoods.  May God continue to bless you with wisdom and may he continue to bless America.
In Christ,
L& S. T.

We thank the Lord for the HUGE amount of work the staff and faithful volunteers have accomplished.  We know you do it ONLY through His strength.
Love to all,
C&B. W.

Your voice and ministry have never been more needed than in such a time as we now live.  You are fighting the good fight, and as you press on, you encourage us to do the same!  Standing with you in faith and hope in Jesus!!
E.J. P.

Thank you for your diligence and faithfulness.  Please continue to be a watchman for the church and try to help people understand the perilous time in which we live.  I believe that the current (and likely future) state of affairs in this country (and the world) create opportunities for the spreading of the WORD and the salvation of souls. 
In Jesus’ Name,

My prayer is that God will continue to heap blessings on your efforts.  Thanks for the newsletters keeping us informed on issues we need to know/pray about.  We support your work – knowing He is in control and working out His plan, although the news is scary.  It’s real and we need to pray for each other to take our stand for God and keep on keeping on in His strength. 
A.&G.  P.

I praise God for the info I receive from you.  I need the sources for truth.  Ps. 73:23-26

We thank God always for you and all that American Decency does.  We will continue to ask God to encourage you and to provide for all the needs of your work.  May all of you have a joyful Christmas and a Blessed New Year.
D&B. E.

We pray that our ministry efforts here at American Decency Association have been used to encourage, equip, inform, and edify you.  As we prepare for another year of service, your gift will be a great and needed encouragement to us.  Please help us stay in the fight for truth.

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