It ain’t over til’ it’s over

By: American Decency Staff

Sweet news and that’s why I have another word on this New Year’s afternoon.

Our match challenge is getting close to being MATCHED.  With a variety of gifts big and small and with one just moments ago of $2,000. 

We are now only $431.00 short.  We have now raised $9,569.00 toward the $10,000 match challenge!

As the famous, old Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra used to say, “It ain’t over til’ it’s over! 

By God’s grace, may there yet be someone(s) out there to take us over the finish line.

I wanted you to be encouraged as we are so thankful and encouraged!


Several hours ago we were at $7,374.00.  We were short $2,626.00. 

Thanks be to God and His people!

If you would prefer to mail a donation, our mailing address is listed below:

American Decency Association
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We have reached a total of $9,569 in our goal of $10,000 towards the match grant.
We are now $431 short of the goal laid out by an anonymous donor.


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