40 years of infanticide

By: American Decency Staff

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision which legalized the killing of unborn babies.

Let's try to get a perspective on how much blood is on America's hands from abortion.

Since this day 40 years ago, 55,000,000 lives have been ended, condemned to death for their inconvenience.

That would be like killing every human being in the 50 biggest cities in the US – from New York City's 8 million to Arlington Texas' 365,000 – and then wiping out another city the size of New York City. The combined population of the 50 largest US cities is only 47 million. That's still almost a Holocaust short of the number of infants who are dead today because of Roe v. Wade.

This is what I wrote one year and a million aborted babies ago:

"That is the supreme tragedy of abortion – the children who should be living out their lives. There should be fifty four million more people experiencing life in America – learning to walk, going to school, getting a driver's license, finding a spouse, choosing a career, having their own children – but instead their bodies were dumped into hazmat bags and thrown in the dumpster before they took their first breath.

But the causation is tragic as well. For every one of those fifty four million kids, there was a parent who was confused or selfish enough to kill their child. It's hard to accept that America is a society in which it is legal and acceptable to subject your baby to a horrible and torturous death if they are an inconvenience, but that is what America has become."

This Thursday, hundreds of thousands of Americans will march on the Supreme Court building for the 39th annual March for Life. In spite of a sick culture which allows the death and dimemberment of an infant to spare it's mom the hassle of raising it, some still have an unclouded conscience. Of those of us who realize the heinousness of abortion, some are devoted enough to visit the Capitol to show our legislators how we feel. They have my highest respect and admiration. I hope to join them some day.

In the mean time, let those of us who aren't in D.C. pray that our brothers and sisters in the streets get our point across. Let us pray that God would soften the hearts of the policy makers who see the protests and that he would give the activists the words to make a difference in our elected officials' hearts.

And for goodness sake, VOTE in the next election. As I pointed out here, millions of pro-life Americans simply couldn't be bothered to get out of the house and vote for the pro-life candidate.

Are we doing everything we can to put an end to abortion??


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