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By: American Decency Staff

It is with great pleasure that I make you aware of a new filter for mobile devices.  It is especially gratifying because it comes from one of my dearest friends and his team of spiritual warriors. 

There is so much that I could say about my friend Steve Ensley but that is not the reason for this email alert.  The reason is to make you aware of the highly regarded filter for mobile phones. 

Please read the press release below and do give serious consideration to implementing it into your phone!   


8/30/2012 – Niceville Florida

Florida Internet Filtering Service Provider Announces Full Featured Filter For Mobile Devices

American Family Online (AFO) announced today the release of a FULL featured mobile device Internet filter for Android and Apple (iOS) devices called MobileWebGuard.

“The fastest and soon to be the largest overall technology growth area is mobile devices, especially smart phones and tablets.”, says Steve Ensley CEO of American Family Online.  “Unfortunately this technology opens the door to every destructive element on the Internet and also unfortunately the fastest growing user group is 12-17 year old children.  Through their smart phones and tablets, these children have access to virtually everything available on the Internet, including pornography, vulgarity, addictive compulsive behaviors, bullying and extreme violence!”

This new filtering service includes a full featured browser and a full featured filter designed to protect the children from harmful Internet content.  It is also tamper resistant to avoid bypassing the filter by tech savvy children.  In addition, it provides excellent filtering for adults who do not want to be accosted by unsolicited and vulgar Internet content.  The filter is designed to serve the entire family.

Some of the features include, intelligent content scanning, whitelist and blacklist databases, full featured browser, activity reporting, time of day control, parental control, application lock down, tamper resistance and more.  The browser download is free and the filter service has a small annual fee to insure the latest up to date filter data and technology.

This is the premium filtering app for the parent concerned about what is accessible on the smart phone or tablet they have provided for their children.

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