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By: American Decency Staff

Today’s youth culture is filled with entertainment choices which encourage promiscuity, telling young people if “you’re not ‘doing it,’ there’s something wrong with youâ€Â.  Once not so long ago there was a stigma surrounding those who engaged in sex outside of marriage; now the entertainment industry tries to make kids think that they are freaks if they don’t.  And while the rates of teen sex have risen dramatically with the ever increasing bombardment of sexualized messages in recent years, not all teens are sexually active.  A recent study of New York City youth indicated more than half had not had sexual intercourse. You sure wouldn’t know that from watching television.  Rather, the message teens are hearing is that it’s not normal to be a virgin.  One show we’ve warned of recently is the hit show Glee on the Fox Network.  Glee, a show centered upon a group of high school students who are part of a glee club, is extremely popular with teens and pre-teens. We’ve reported on the sexualized themes of Glee in the past.  This week’s episode of Glee was no different.  A Washington Post review described the episode this way:  “No more adults re-enacting inappropriate scenes from "Rocky Horror" — "Glee" returns to its high school roots Tuesday night by focusing on every teenager's favorite topic: sex! And lots of it.  …â€Â One of the main storylines focused on two of the guys in Glee, who are also football players, bemoan:  “How do we find the only two girls in high school that won’t put out?â€ÂÂ  Once again telling viewers that all teens are having sex.  The episode continues with this same mantra.  With sex the topic of conversation in the glee club, one of the girls, a cheerleader, states:  “This is what happens when people don’t put out.  If everyone just put out we would have a winning football team.â€Â Here Glee sends a message through a girl to other girls (the viewers) that it is their “dutyâ€Â to have sex with guys.  The songs performed by Glee also reinforce the message with lyrics such as “Let’s go all the way tonight.â€Â And what would be a Glee episode without using the main homosexual character to push the gay agenda?  This episode shows an explicit homosexual kiss between Kurt, the gay student, and an in-the-closet football player, all the while preaching a message on how homosexuality should be accepted as a normal lifestyle and that those who oppose it are evil and ignorant. Once again Glee proves to be a show that isn’t fit for family viewing.  Not only is it not fit, it actively undermines the welfare of our youth, encouraging acceptance of sexual promiscuity that will damage emotionally, physically, and spiritually and will forever impact their lives.   Sometimes blatantly and sometimes covertly, Glee weaves throughout each episode lessons in immorality.   Parents, as you guide your kids to follow the Lord and His precepts, guard your family from shows such as Glee. Take Action! Click below to contact the advertisers who sponsor Glee and encourage these companies to place their ads on shows that don’t undermine and damage our youth. ======================================================= A classic resource available as short supply lasts: “The Holiness of Godâ€Â by R.C. Sproul. To order your free copy, email Many of you took advantage of our offer regarding the book “The Pursuit of Holinessâ€Â by Jerry Bridges. This is what Jerry Bridges has to say about this book offer “Every Christian who is serious about his or her growth needs to read ‘The Holiness of God.’ I profited greatly from this book.â€Â ======================================================= American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 ph: 231-924-4050 ———————— Donate online: American Decency Association is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

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